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Coral Gables, FL – Cooking with Cast Iron can be healthy, fun, adventurous, and unique. This is the reason Cas Iron Skillet is on the mission of educating people globally on the benefits of cooking with Cast Iron. was founded by Sam Cook, a confessed cast iron skillet fan with a passion for cooking. He created the Cast Iron Skillet website for people like him who love cooking with cast iron cookware, those looking for a new kitchen upgrade, or those who are curious about cast Iron. The website was born out of his love for high-quality kitchen products, including cast Iron which he feels is misunderstood. Recognizing that many cooking enthusiasts have associated health scares with the use of cast Iron, his website is in existence to dispel the myths and showcase the importance of cooking with cast iron.

Cooking with cast iron has made my life so much easier, and makes cooking a much more enjoyable hobby.

Sam Cook

The Cast Iron Skillet website is also geared towards giving cooking enthusiasts cast-iron tips and tricks and recommending some of the best pieces of cast iron cookware to purchase. The site contains information on best guides and reviews, a section that reviews different cast iron cookware. They include best cast iron skillet reviews, lodge cast iron review, best cast iron wok, best enameled cast iron Dutch oven, best spatula for cast iron, stargazer cast iron review, the best oil to season cast iron, and many more.

The section on what to cook on cast iron has extensive insight into foods to cook on a cast-iron girdle. It also contains information on how to cook different foods including fettuccine, scallops, fruit cobbler, cheesy foods, tomatoes, frittatas, chicken, eggs, paella, burgers, pancakes, risotto, cooking with wine, and more.

The Cast Iron Skillet site also has cleaning tips for cast iron cookware. This section contains information on tips to get stains out of cast iron, washing a cast iron skillet, cleaning burns, soaking the cookware, and more. With a general information section, the site offers tips on seasoning cast iron, leaving food on cast iron overnight, foods not to cook on cast iron, and any other questions visitors on the site might have.

Cast Iron Skillet also has specialized information for cooking enthusiasts who are passionate about cast iron skillets, cast iron woks, cast iron girdles, cast iron Dutch ovens, or cast iron pans. Additionally, the site highlights each of these cookware products to provide clients with a better understanding of these time-tested kitchen items, including healthier meals, energy efficiency for cooking, and the ability to go from stovetop to oven without special preparation.

Cast Iron Skillet is located at Coral Gables, FL 33134, US. For inquiries about cast iron cookware, contact the company via phone at 305-925-0838 or visit its website for more information.

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