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Chateline David Yurman

The Chateline David Yurman is something off a beautiful piece of jewelry, and our team of highly trained and experienced professionals know the value of such a pristine item whenever it comes before them when giving out quotations.

David Yurman is all about high fashion, and we believe you should get a high price when deciding to sell your Chateline David Yurman pieces to us. Having a hard time finding a reputable jewelry buyer that will buy it from you at a good price? Sell Us Your Jewelry is the solution you have been looking for when determining where to sell your Chateline David Yurman jewelry.

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 David Yurman, as a jewelry designer, is known throughout the United States as a jewelry craftsman and jewelry designer. He owns 18 boutiques which include New York, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. Today, David Yurman jewelry is worn by many celebrities including Bradd Pitt, Charlize Theron and Renee Zellweger. His classic signature sterling silver cable bracelets are considered a staple for women. He currently enjoys a world-wide reputation.

Yurman was born on October 12, 1942 in Long Island, New York. From an early age, he was captivated with design and art. As a student, he sold statues out of the cafeteria at school.

Years later, Yurman was apprenticing with sculptor Jacques Lipchitz who had previously worked with Picasso. He later met painter Sybil Kleinrock and they became a couple. He spoiled her with his own jewelry creations which were admired by others who wanted to purchase them.

David Yurman and his sweetheart, Sybil Kleinrock, moved out of Greenwich Village to the countryside and opened their first company, Putnam Art Works in the early 1970’s. That is when they came to understand craftsmanship and jewelry design. The David Yurman line then became a brand.

Why Sell Us Your Jewelry

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Once customers receive our offer and have agreed to sell my David Yurman watch or jewelry, they have the option to come into our store and bring in their item or request an Easy Ship box to ship the item in. In this Easy Shipping box, we supply customers with all the necessary instructions and packaging materials to safely transport their items to us. Once the item has been re-evaluated and its condition has been inspected in-house, one of our sales specialists reach out to confirm the agreed quote and method of payment. It’s really that simple to “sell my David Yurman watch or jewelry”!

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