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Construction Site Injury Lawyers & Machine Accident Attorneys in Long Island NYC

Construction work is no easy task. When workers get into construction, they are made aware of the risks in the profession and are always reminded of the safety precautions that they have to take whenever they enter their site of work. If one gets into an accident while operating heavy machinery in the construction area, they should immediately seek legal help to explore the options available and so a case can be made.

Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, a law firm situated in New York City, specializes in construction accidents and injuries. They know how to properly establish a case and present facts to win a settlement for their clients. They have been serving New Yorkers in each of the five boroughs for over 2 decades and are well-versed with the laws surrounding construction injuries in the state of New York. When scheduling a consultation with Ask4SAM, there is no upfront payment and a fee is only required if the case is won and a settlement has been agreed upon by the victim and the parties liable. Visit for a free consultation or call 1-877-ASK4SAM.

There are many elements in the construction site that can lead to a potential accident and injury. Operating heavy equipment is a dangerous duty and requires proper knowledge on how to handle the machinery as well as taking the necessary safety precautions before handling them. It is no surprise that there are many cases involving heavy machinery. Just working in the construction site poses a danger as there is large equipment being operated in and around the workplace all the time. If one happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and an equipment malfunctions or is misused, it could lead to a tragic accident. Some of these can include backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks, excavators, forklifts, loaders, and trenchers. These are just a few of the machinery being operated around the construction site. Each of these equipment require many safety measures and also regularly require inspection to ensure that they are working properly and there are no malfunctions.

Many times when an accident happens because of heavy equipment, it is usually due to human error. A worker might mishandle a vehicle or machinery and cause an accident not just to themselves, but to other workers around the vicinity as well. This negligence and lack of proper use can be harmful to a victim’s case especially when proving liability. Most of the time, basic workers’ compensation does not cover the costs incurred when a construction worker gets into an accident on the site.

The construction injury lawyers at Silberstein, Awad & Miklos have the proper skill sets required when dealing with accident cases and work with a team of experts who know how to gather facts and evidence to support the victim’s claim. Ask4SAM knows and understands the needs of their clients and will guide them through every step of the way in their case.

Serious accidents like these can leave the victim out of work, sometimes permanently. It is vital to seek help immediately after an accident to determine the state in which a victim is in and the options they have for the betterment of their future. If a victim has suffered a major injury that could potentially be detrimental for their future work or future health, they should be properly compensated and taken care of. A personal injury attorney will see to it that if the expenses and costs from a construction accident are not met by the liable parties, then they will file for further claims until they are met.

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