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A little history about the iconic brand | David Yurman Jewelry Buyer

To understand why David Yurman is held in such high regard, it’s instructive to look at the history of the brand and how it has been so uniquely shaped by the founder’s vision. It’s fair to say that David Yurman has come a long way from his early days of selling small sculptures in his school’s cafeteria.

His artistic ambition was really ignited when as a young man he met Ernesto Gonzales, a Cuban welder and sculptor. Gonzales introduced Yurman to welding, teaching Yurman how to wield a hot torch to heat and fuse metal. This further deepened Yurman’s passion for manipulating metals, and he began experimenting with his own metal sculptures and then jewelry designs.

Yurman was briefly enrolled at New York University, before leaving in true Bohemian spirit, to join a beatnik artist colony on the Big Sur coastline. He was lured back to New York in the late 1960s with the booming Art Movement, where he would meet his wife and lifelong collaborator, painter Sybil Kleinrock.

Yurman then made waves in 1997 when he became the first prominent jewelry designer to set diamonds in sterling silver. This was a bold move, and rattled the tradition of classic fine jewelry, transforming the industry’s opinion of this technique.

Today, David Yurman continues to create jewelry inspired by sculpture, and remains an innovator in the industry, incorporating materials such as meteorite into his pieces. His creative use of various metals at varying price points allows jewelry lovers of all kinds to be able to experience a taste of the brand, from high jewelry pieces such as the Starburst Statement Bracelet below, to the more attainable ones such as the Stax Rondelle Pendant, that still bear that impeccable David Yurman craftsmanship.