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Bioelectric Medical Patches – Chronic Pain Relief/Healing Natural Range Launched

Green Lotus Integrated Medicine LLC, a Florida-based company that creates science-backed health and wellness products, is introducing their Bioelectric Wellness Patches, “BodyHZ”.

More information can be found by visiting their Amazon Store.

The BodyHZ patches provide a natural remedy for many health concerns. Each non-transdermal patch is hypoallergenic, transparent, and small, about the size of a nickel. They contain NO drugs or chemicals and are designed to address a specific health issue. For example, the Body HZ Pain patch is designed specifically to address and provide relief for any type of chronic or acute pain, inflammation, neuropathy, Sciatica, arthritis, and tendonitis. Whereas, the BodyHZ Stress Relief patch, “Relax”, is designed specifically to address stress, anxiety, PTSD, racing thoughts, and aid in general relaxation. A third patch, the BodyHZ Energy patch, is designed to help restore your body’s natural energy and to increase your stamina and mental focus, all without chemicals and the usual highs and lows and jittery feelings associated with most energy products.

BodyHZ patches were created on the principle that all cells in the human body, like all things in our universe, are constantly in motion, vibrating, oscillating, and resonating at various frequencies… All of nature vibrates. Simply put, when you have pain, blockage, disease, or stress, those affected cells are not vibrating at their optimal frequencies. With proper placement on the body, BodyHZ patches use the process of entrainment to restore the cells to their optimal frequency. Each BodyHZ patch is uploaded with signature frequencies from natural ingredients used to address a specific health issue, such as pain, stress, or lack of energy. Some examples of frequencies used are those of ashwagandha, lavender, valerian root, bergamot, and kava kava for stress relief. Other signature frequencies include caffeine, ginseng, Vitamin B12, and L-Carnitine which are all known to improve energy.

The company explains that the patches combine quantum science and natural remedies to heal on a physical, cellular, and energetic level. They say each patch can remove physical imbalances, eliminate emotional blockages, and rebalance unhealthy vibrational frequencies in the body to return it to optimal health.

“I have knee pain, inflammation, arthritis, and numbness in my upper arm. I also suffer from severe back and neck pain and arthritis in both elbows. So far I have used the patches on my knees and left arm. The numbness has subsided, shoulder pain is gone and my knees are feeling much better. My elbow is feeling great. I had relief within 24 hours. I like that the patches stay on well and that they are not obvious while wearing them. I rate BodyHZ a 10.” — Stella

Interested parties can purchase a single pack of patches or a variety pack via the company’s website or their Amazon store. Three varieties are included in each purchase of a variety pack: Pain, Stress, and Energy. Customers will receive 4 of each patch, twelve in total. Each patch is waterproof and can last up to seventy-two hours.

BodyHZ wellness products are based on quantum physics and energetic healing principles. They offer a safe alternative to traditional medicine and can rebalance the body by realigning each customer’s vibrational frequency.

For more information on BodyHZ Bioelectric Wellness Patches, visit their Amazon Store.


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