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DJ Iceman’s brand new album- Master Of Beatz Vol 5 is here!

  • DJ iceman found himself drawn to music right from his childhood. Even as a little kid he liked experimenting with various music trying to create something unique. Born in the beautiful Coney island of Brooklyn, in the year 1973, the little boy grew up to be one of the most popular DJ of our times.

CA, USA, 14 July 2021, ZEXPRWIREAt the age of 9, DJ Iceman started DJing after getting his hands on his uncle’s equipment. Since that day there was no looking back! Though a new journey started in the month of April,  in the year 2017 when he launched his brainchild Big Boss Beatz From that day, Big Boss Beatz has given many hits through the superb combination of DJ Iceman’s impeccable talent and native instruments machines. So anyone looking for some cool golden era boom-bap beats must try DJ Iceman’s albums.

Well, the journey wasn’t so easy, it took years of hard work, determination and passion to become a star of the music industry. What makes all his albums such a hit is the fact that they have a unique feel and look every time and is bound to keep anyone hooked for a long time. This is probably because DJ Iceman always draws inspiration from something personal yet unique so that every album has a distinctive appeal for the listeners.

Another fact that makes all his albums work is that each one of his songs are extremely catchy and are bound to go on and on in your mind, even if you listen to it just once. So if you haven’t listened to any of them yet, it is probably a good time to start as his brand new album is already on the internet.

Master Of Beatz Vol 5– the latest album of DJ iceman, has 5 songs which range from 2-3mins duration each. Crazy Dayz, Droppin Gemz,Flaming Dove, Get The Tape, and Good Foot. all 5 songs are on the internet ready for streaming. The entire digital album can be bought at a nominal price so that you can listen to it anytime. Just like his previous albums, this one is also based on Boom-Bap, rap and instrumental hip hop. So anyone liking this genre would surely be delighted with each one of the songs in Master Of Beatz Vol 5.

About DJ Iceman

DJ Iceman is a hip-hop beatmaker and a respected member of the Ghetto Government Officials, Wu-Tang worldwide DJ coalition, Dirty Clanzmen, Zu Bulliez, 144,000 The Chosen Few, and also the Filthy Fingers United(FFU). He has also done the production for Hell Razah(Sunz of man/GGO), Havoc (Mobb Deep), Dungeon Masta, Cuban Pete and also Judah Priest. DJ Iceman even runs a label – Bigg Boss Records and other ventures that aim to offer unlimited entertainment to people worldwide.

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