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Soldex AI to Launch an Ownerless Community Driven Marketplace

LONDON, United Kingdom, July 14, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The cryptocurrency market is drastically changing to adapt to the current needs of its users. In the last decade, more and more innovation has emerged to create a more engaging marketplace. The power of the communities has been driving forces that have changed the life of many projects. Just recently, communities within the cryptocurrency market rallied together for a revolution that pumped a meme coin driving its prices off the roof. Currently the most popular Dogecoin meme coin is worth 25 billion dollars.

The purpose of any marketplace is to facilitate transactions between users. Building a community marketplace provides users with the power to control, shape, and grow the project at hand. Notably, the community shares in the burden of ensuring the continuity of the project.

The Soldex Marketplace

Soldex is the latest third-generation cryptocurrency exchange on Solana that seeks to create an ownerless community-driven marketplace for its users. The platform was designed to help resolve common issues experienced on typical decentralized exchanges. 

Soldex hopes to become a game-changer by allowing its users to come together and create the Soldex community, united by the desire for a better ecosystem. The platform is envisioned to become one of the Decentralized leading exchanges (DEX) on the Solana Network. 

The project aims to eliminate centralized intermediaries and pave the way for full decentralization with its ownerless community-driven marketplace, censorship-resistant, and safe trading within the Solana ecosystem.

Soldex depends heavily on development and governance implemented by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This system allows the project to be managed by the community according to a constitutional code of conduct. In addition, this system enables the team behind the project to spread the decision-making power evenly among the DAO’s members. By allowing this, the project ensures that the interests of all voters are adequately represented. In the coming days, as diversity increases and the system matures, Soldex will become increasingly autonomous, healthy, and self-sustainable.  

The Soldex marketplace has many notable features that make it the ideal platform for its community. Firstly, unlike many in the field, the platform uses AI to run all its operations, including trades. The advanced marketplace uses artificial intelligence bots, neural network algorithms, and machine learning. Soldex explains:

“AI is what we practically survive on, every minute, every second, and every click is under the ecosystem of AI technology. helps you to better understand the impact of AI on an exchange platform.”

Secondly, the marketplace allows users to trade peer-to-peer and securely and safely. It is a fully transparent platform enabling users to keep track of the platform’s operations.  

Additionally, the Soldex marketplace will allow users to execute smart contract-based trades instantly and cost-effectively effortlessly. The fees applicable will be a fraction compared to the cost incurred on the Ethereum network.

The protocol is also created to power the new wave of flexible financial markets. The protocol will achieve this by serving as a foundation layer for settlement, market making, custody, and liquidity. Also, the Soldex marketplace will allow users to customize their trading strategy, own unique algorithms, and adjust their desired risk exposure.  

Soldex plans to build a platform rake in millions with a revenue structure that is transparent, fair, and profitable. To achieve this goal, Soldex will use its native coin Solana token – Soldex (SOLX). The SOLX token has a max supply of 989 000 000. The platform is currently holding its private sale, 25% of the max supply, at a set price of $0.02, and hopes to have a public sale after that. 

Lastly, the platform will also launch its global academy, the SOLDEX Academy. The academy will reportedly help build a strong and vibrant Solana DeFi community with access to educational resources among many other benefits. 

When launched, the Soldex marketplace will, without doubt, become a driving force on the market!

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