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Doug Crowe reveals strategies to turn Authors to #1Bestsellers on

Doug Crowe was recently interviewed by Matthew Harms on his Podcast, The interview can be watched here:

Harms’ show gives authors a platform to connect with their readers and peel back the curtain on their work and process.

Crowe’s firm has published over 275 Best Sellers in Amazon over the past 12 years.

He works with entrepreneurs, C-level executives, speakers, and business coaches through an end-to-end process that involves writing the book for them, market research, and promotion that eventually lands them the coveted Bestseller title.

According to Crowe, the strategy is straightforward, with a twist. The agency treats authors as a product launch. One of the key elements most authors miss involves thorough market research on competiting authors and conducting focus groups to align the book cover, theme, and message with the audience.

With a clear idea on thousands of readers interests, Crowe’s journalists document his clients’ experiences as an authority in the field. The result is a book that’s centered on what’s in it for the readers increasing his clients’ chances to be on the best seller’s list.

Crowe revealed that being on top of the bestseller doesn’t automatically translate to big revenue. It just means that his clients have enough grounding and authority in their field to make money out of their books through other means.

This includes speaking engagements, corporate consultations, and digial courses that they can monetize; all inspired by the book’s message.

Many of his agency’s clients earn 6-figure consultations, courses, and speaking deals not directly from, but because of the book.

To Crowe, publishing a book is the beginning of a campaign. It is the start of a relationship with a reader and eventual client. ” A book should make a positive impact in the world. It’s making a positive dent in the universe that makes sense to the readers. When authors do that, the money will follow,” Crowe stated.

Should everyone write a book?

“Not by a longshot,” Crowe went on, “While most businesses can benefit from becoming an author, we see too many people trying to become part time inspirational authors. While every story is unique, without packaging and a clear business plan, most books become the proverbial tree falling down in a forest.

On the other hand, even a simple story and journey can make a big impact not only for the author, but for society and our communities.

All it requires is asking the right questions and a commitment to serve.”

For more information on Matthew Harms or Crowe’s agency, go to

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