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Organic And More Got Certified Under OEKO- TEX Standard 100

Organic and More, a registered brand of Net Paradigm India Pvt. Ltd. is an Organic Cotton Garment Manufacturer based out of India. The company that was founded as a small family business back in 2005 recently got certified under OEKO- TEX Standard 100

[New Delhi] dated June 30th, 2021: Organic and More is an apparel manufacturing company that has managed to make quite a name for itself. The company was started back in 2005 and it functioned as a local family business back then. They have specialized in organic cotton and other sustainable garment manufacturing and the kind of quality that they offer along with good customer service ensured that the factory became well known among international brands as a quality sourcing partner.

The company recently got certified under OEKO- TEX Standard 100. This certification holds a lot of value and helps the company gets third party recognition for making products that are free of any harmful substances to the skin. Most customers get an added incentive when they find that the company, they are choosing to buy a product from has been certified by an international body.

One of the key points that help this brand to stand out among the competitors has to be the fact that they believe in making sustainable garments while maintaining a reliable manufacturing schedule and the highest quality standard.

Organic & More claims to have a robust infrastructure to manufacture in excess of hundred thousand garments per month with the highest quality.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “At Organic and More, we have always been emphasizing on the need to make garments that are sustainable and therefore do our bit for the preservation of the environment. Our journey so far has been inspiring and we believe in taking a leap ahead and continue the good work and not get complacent anytime soon.

The company is really excited about getting certified under OEKO- TEX Standard 100. This is the need of the hour, especially with so many pollutants being used in making garments. OEKO- TEX Standard 100 ensures that are garments are safe for the end user, especially when it comes baby apparel.

The company is hopeful that in the times to come, they will be able to get a lot more customers and push their sales and profit significantly.

They can be reached at for brands requiring quality manufacturing services.

About Organic and More

Founded back in 2005, as a small scale family owned business, Organic and More has grown manifold ever since. The company believes in making sustainable, comfortable, and good quality organic cotton garments that can truly win the trust and confidence of the buyers.

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