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Earwax build-up a common ENT issue that can be resolved with ease

Hearing loss is actually quite common and rather normal in some circumstances. There are many different causes of hearing loss, which can be divided broadly into two categories, these are sensorineural and conductive – and in some cases both could be present.

When it comes to conductive causes, this can be relatively simple or overly complicated to the point of needing surgery, this entirely depends on the cause. An excessive build-up of earwax is a conductive problem that can be treated simply whereas a perforated ear drum may require surgery.

Sensorineural hearing loss can occur for a handful of reasons, ranging from viral infections to small growths compressing on the hearing nerve. In most cases, these can lead to problems with balance, overall hearing loss & problems with tinnitus.

Usually, assessments consist of looking at the history of a patient with a thorough examination and various different hearing tests conducted, this allows for a correct diagnosis. On rare occasions, a special type of scan known as an MRI may be required to determine the root cause.

Focusing on one of the most common conductive causes, ear wax build-up. Ear wax is a naturally produced component of the ear and is produced in the canal. It’s primarily a mixture of dead skin and cerumen, which is produced in the glands.

Earwax is beneficial due to it being a lubricant and antibacterial agent and although it’s usually shed from the ear canal, some patients can end up with a build-up which sometimes is even caused by the use of cotton buds.

GuildfordENT have been serving patients in the Guildford area for some time now and can help people suffering with ear wax build-up through offering certain treatments. Earwax can be syringed, but this can potentially damage the ear canal and/or eardrum. A better way of removing ear wax is micro suction. This is where the wax is removed in a controlled manner under direct vision using a microscope.

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