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Flexible Packaging ERP – How to manage manufacturing processes, workflow, estimating and scheduling?

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of flexible packaging? Do you need to better manage manufacturing processes, workflow, estimating and scheduling? Need to get a handle on costs? Consider a flexible packaging ERP designed for the flex-pack industry.

Despite a robust market, that flex-pack companies that fail to meet the ever-increasing competitive landscape will soon no longer have a place in the market. However, for flexible packaging companies that can adapt the newest technologies, the bar to profits is lowered, and these companies thrive.

Whether your company produces bags, pouches, shrink wrap, sachets, stretch film, bubble wrap or any other kind of packaging, finding ways to boost operational efficiency and quickly respond to evolving customer demands is essential.  Flex-pack companies need management tools like HIFLOW SOLUTIONS FLEXIBLE PACKAGING ERP that can address these issues and changes, while still allowing growing businesses to scale.

Streamline your operations with HIFLOW SOLUTIONS Flexible Packaging ERP

  • Improve your capability to demonstrate compliance in your core processes and implement a variety of control measures for stringent record-keeping
  • Streamline estimating, production planning and scheduling
  • Increase business intelligence and analytics for flex-pack
  • Increase speed to market with optimized workflows
  • Reduce materials waste and support sustainable practices

Why us

Our industry-leading flexible packaging MIS/ERP with advanced features helps flexible packaging manufacturers automate systems and gain total visibility and control of their flex-pack organization.

With more than 22 years of experience in labels, corrugated packaging, and folding carton manufacturing and 10 years in the flexible packaging environment, our industry solution handles the individual and complex requirements of flexographic projects. HiFlow has over 100 international customers in folding box, label and flexographic industries. With HiFlow, a flex-pack company needs only to buy the modules they need – then add additional module in the future.

HiFlow Solutions MIS software is an end-to-end management information system with comprehensive tools that automate flexible packaging workflow and business processes so flex-pack companies can compete more effectively in the marketplace, maintain faster and leaner production times, and increase margins of profit.