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Growth in the packaging industry is currently being driven by two megatrends

The Packaging Industry is currently being driven by two megatrends: the introduction of comprehensive, single source of truth systems and automation through the use of IIoT, AI, and MES systems. The past year and a half had spurred packaging manufacturers to increase the use of technology that produces real time analytics and ultimately, significant cost savings.

MIS/ERP Solutions – why should you implement them?

The concept of a complete packaging solution simply means that a packaging industry manufacturer needs to streamline its systems so that there is one central source of truth. An MIS system is designed to merge all of a packaging company’s other software, such as prepress systems, business operations, production etc., into one fluid, visible database that helps packaging manufacturers automate workflow and gain total visibility and control of their business processes.

A robust MIS system for packaging achieves the following:

> Fast estimating, detailed cost calculation
> Connectivity from order intake to invoicing
> Database access to all the departments , for authorized users
> Graphical Workflow Diagram for easy visibility of jobs
> Imposition optimization
> Management of dies/cylinders/rollstock
> Warehouse management
> Materials Requirement Planning
> Robust Quality Control & Compliance
> Business Intelligence and Analytics

MES – Connecting IIot and sensors for real time data

Increasingly, packaging industry providers will be taking advantage of the deep analytics that the Industrial Internet of Things provides. Meaningful data can be collected by sensors and displayed and analyzed in an MIS’s business intelligence module, leading to costing insights that result in savings.

An MIS/ERP offers ‘smart’ packaging solutions, which many researchers have determined is the future of the packaging industry. It is characterized by incorporating MES sensors to collect, understand and even interact with data from machines. Using this future-ready tech, an MIS then prepares, processes and interprets the data.

This technology is offered by HiFlow, who can install and then integrate the sensors to the HiFlow MIS system. This will open up opportunities for advanced machine-to-machine, machine-to-operator and machine-to-management system interaction.

Help your packaging organization transition into this new decade

HiFlow’s MIS and MES technology solutions will propel your packaging/label company into the heart of the 2020s with end-to-end management information and MES system specifically designed for packaging, label, and flexographic companies. HiFlow’s comprehensive tools and features increase speed, reduce wasted time, and facilitate connectivity in production workflow and business operations.