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Hand-Dyed Egyptian Cotton Threads For Stitching, Vibrant Color Collection Launch

Since their opening in 1998, Valdani has been a trusted name in premium cotton thread, and today they are known for their natural hand-dyeing processes and their high-quality pure Egyptian cotton. Now, with their latest product launch, they are bringing their machine and hand-sewing community a new array of unique solid and variegated colors.

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Valdani has released their new Egyptian cotton threads in three sizes: size 12, which is a particularly fine thread, size 8, which is a versatile medium-weight thread, and size 5, which is a heavy thread they recommend for decorative sewing and stitching. Given the ongoing resurgence of crafts like embroidery, cross-stitch and quilting, they have created these thread sizes to be particularly well suited to handicrafts and hand stitching.

All of Valdani’s new Egyptian cotton threads are 100% long staple perle cotton and the thread makers use a natural hand-dyeing technique that ensures their threads are guaranteed colorfast.

In addition to delivering long-lasting colors, Valdani’s unique hand-dyeing technique also brings their threads more deep and vibrant colors and they have capitalized on this with the creation of their new color collection.

In developing their new color palettes, Valdani has channeled Elle magazine’s top colors of 2023 and highlights of Valdani’s new color collection include solid shades like Smokey Teal and Forest Green which match Elle’s decision to name green their number one color for 2023.

Coming in second place for Elle were cool lilacs and lavenders, which are represented by Valdani’s new Lavender Light and Light Lilac hues. Rounding out Elle’s list, in third place, was orange and Valdani has new Pantone shades like their bright Peach Orange, as well as slightly more neutral variants like their new Golden Rust thread.

Valdani now has over 150 solid colors and over 170 variegated colors available to their stitching, hand sewing and machine sewing community.

A spokesperson for the thread makers said, “All our colors, both solids and variegated, are hand-dyed and colorfast. Our hand-dyeing process is unique and provides you with a high-quality product that ensures long-lasting vibrancy of colors.”

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