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Hormone Mastery Course Starts with Expanded Curriculum For Medical Professionals

Integrative Medicine Academy today announced their Hormone Mastery Course, providing medical professionals with training on common hormone imbalances and associated health problems, has expanded to include more in-depth training on treating Progesterone, Testosterone and Estrogen Imbalances.

Hormone imbalances, including thyroid and adrenal are common issues that can lead to a host of chronic health issues. Unfortunately, conventional medicine often doesn’t understand the significant role hormone imbalances play in health complaints.

For years, integrative and functional medicine practitioners have known that various disorders can often be traced back to problems originating from poor hormone function. Many issues can often be helped or eliminated by improving hormone health, including allergies, body and joint pain, chronic headaches, depression, infertility, emotional issues, autoimmune issues and weight loss difficulties.

Now, physicians and medical professionals have the opportunity to participate in a highly focused hormone treatment training course from Integrative Medicine Academy, called Hormone Mastery Course. This clinical training course provides medical professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to quickly assess and treat common hormone imbalances and many associated health problems that often plague so many people.

The Hormone Mastery Course is lead by renowned Integrative medicine physicians Dr. Kurt Woeller and Dr. Tracy Tranchitella. Both are practicing physicians with a collective 40+ years of clinical practice experience in treating hormone disfunction. This course offers comprehensive, practical knowledge that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain.

“The best thing about the Hormone Mastery Course is that it flattens out the learning curve for medical professionals, so they will be able to understand and begin effectively treating hormone issues using integrative and functional medicine,” said course instructor Dr. Kurt N. Woeller.

Both Drs Tranchitella and Woeller routinely lecture at physician symposiums worldwide on the subject of hormone therapy, and have been met with on-going requests for more in-depth training on the topic.

“We created Hormone Mastery Course because we recognized the need for concentrated, clinically relevant knowledge,” said Dr. Tranchitella. “We are very encouraged by the response to the syllabus from other physicians, and look forward to launching this course under the Integrative Medicine Academy umbrella.”

The Hormone Mastery Course is an online expanded 9 module course that features clinically relevant, practical and time-efficient material. Combining live video instruction, Q & A sessions, downloadable course materials and customizable documents for use in practice, along with a private physician forum, exams and a certificate of completion, physicians can immediately begin to implement this knowledge to expand their practice and better serve their patients. Medical Professionals can also earn Category 1 CME/CEU credits upon successful completion of the course.

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Health Training Associates/ Hormone Mastery Course

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