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Long-Distance Qigong Chakra Cleansing – Energy Healing Global Services Launched

Michael Mohoric of Qigong Energy Healing announces that he has updated his long-distance qigong healing process for chakra cleansing. The worldwide service removes energy blockages in the body so that people can begin living the life they truly want.

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The updated services include a monthly subscription where Mohoric will perform distance energy healings every week. The weekly sessions are meant to realign energies with the body and strengthen chakras. It is recommended for those suffering from anxiety, mental fatigue, or restlessness.

There are seven chakras that determine the overall well-being of a person. When one or more chakras are blocked, it can manifest as physical symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or unexplained general malaise. Energy healing can serve as a safe and effective treatment for these blocked chakras.

Mohoric reminds his clients that energy exists everywhere and is therefore not restricted by geography. That is why he can send out healing energy regardless of a recipient’s location. Because the sessions are done weekly, energies accumulate, slowly remove lower vibrational feelings such as anger or fear, and replace them with higher vibration energies like love.

Clients are not required to do anything during the healing sessions, though it is recommended that they take the time to meditate to allow for an easier transfer of energies. Still, due to different time zones, Mohoric simply asks his clients to keep an open mind throughout the entire process.

Qigong Energy Healing also announces that its services can be used for pets. For a minimal fee, clients can have healing energy sent to their animal companions for a month as well.

A grateful client wrote, “For more than twenty years I have had various forms of energy work done on me. When I first read about Michael’s work, I was immediately drawn to it. My initial reservation was that we were not living in the same vicinity, however, my intuition assured me this would not matter. Always following guidance, I called Michael and became one of his clients.”

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