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Katy TX HIIT Strength Building/Flexibility Custom Exercise Programs Updated

Iron Tribe Fitness Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas, announces that its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs have been updated to include the latest research in sports medicine. All programs are designed to build core strength and improve posture.

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The updated programs are the Push, Power, and Perform HIIT training. Each of the programs focuses on a different physical benefit, from improving body composition to strengthening overall conditioning. Iron Tribe Fitness created these programs to target a wide range of muscle groups while still focusing on cardio exercises.

HIIT has gained popularity over the last few years because it trains the body in shorter periods than traditional exercise routines yet still offers similar results. As its name suggests, HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercises that alternate with brief recovery periods to build strength. Typically, a HIIT workout ranges between 15 to 45 minutes.

The updated HIIT programs offered by Iron Tribe Fitness are designed for those who want to improve their fitness. All three programs are 45-minutes long and focus on different areas.

Push is recommended for beginners and focuses on simple cardio and bodyweight exercises. It is a group class and is changed every week for variety.

Power is intended for those interested in improving their strength. The structured class is more suitable for professional athletes or those with a moderate to high fitness level.

Perform is the most intense of all the training programs and is recommended for athletes who want to improve their competencies in weightlifting, strength development, and targeted conditioning. It is designed for those who want to professionally compete at a high level.

Those just starting on their HIIT journey can ask one of the trainers for a custom routine designed around their individual needs, abilities, and goals. This way, there is a reduced chance of injury and a higher probability of success.

A satisfied client wrote, “In two short months, I have experienced better balance, increased strength, better posture, and best of all, increased confidence.”

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