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Medical/Healthcare Worker – Managing Pandemic-Induced Anxiety PTSD Report Launch

Passionate Care has launched a report for health care workers with guidance on coping with stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic.

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The newly released report has been created as a response to the increased number of cases of stress, anxiety and pandemic-related PTSD in healthcare and medical workers in the last 18 months.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly abbreviated to PTSD, is a disorder that was first reported in war veterans and is defined as a mental health condition where the body continues to suffer from trauma after the event has occurred. It can be caused by many kinds of physical and mental trauma, and as a result of ongoing stress such as that experienced by nurses, doctors and therapists as the pandemic continues.

The latest report from Passionate Care details how psychological disorders in medical workers are not uncommon, and have been prevalent long before the global pandemic came about. Often this is due to constant and repeated exposure to high stress environments, pressure to perform and the emotional trauma that comes about when things don’t go to plan.

The report goes on to state that burnout, as defined in the ICD-11, can lead to PTSD in healthcare workers and is characterized by exhaustion, mental distancing and negativity towards the role, and reduced professional efficacy.

It goes on to explain that anxiety and insomnia have become more prevalent following the surge of the pandemic, and despite self-treatment and quick fixes, all of these issues have continued to be a serious concern even as the pandemic eases.

The Passionate Care report suggests that nurses, doctors and all healthcare workers need to practice self-awareness when it comes to their mental health. Should they believe they are suffering from anxiety, stress, PTSD or burnout, they must be assertive in reaching out for help. As a short-term measure, help is available at for aid in managing stress and anxiety.

With the latest release, Passionate Care continues to expand its range of valuable, mental health resources dedicated to helping healthcare and medical professionals who are struggling.

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