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MIS / ERP For Packaging Industry – automation and smart manufacturing of the future

How can you position yourself and your packaging company in the next 5 years to take advantage of all the latest tech that can assist in efficient operations? Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 are no longer amorphous ideas; tech companies already offer cyber-physical solutions that are easily implemented and can significantly boost a packaging company’s efficiency and profitability. Consider an MIS packaging solution.

MIS / ERP For Packaging Industry

The future of packaging is data-driven. One of the main requirements of lean packaging plant operation is a flexible MIS system that can leverage real-time data from production processes and turn it into key performance indicators. Collection and use of this data through an MIS database significantly improves the performance of people, machines and processes and makes it easier to spot and improve quality control issues.  Information in a central source of truth database make a number of things visible and efficient, including:

  • Access of real time inventory by estimating
  • Instant job workflow creation and scheduling optimization
  • Updates on tools and dies in the database
  • Job reporting tools for regulatory compliance
  • Traceability to help resolve quality control issues
  • Production monitoring with AI and IIoT sensors
  • Centralized, live dashboard that updates business intelligence
  • Up-to-date data available to all departments and authorized users

HiFlow’s Industry 4.0 solution enables packaging manufacturers to use live dashboards and see visual workflows. Monitor the progress of packaging production, visualize product routing and identify bottlenecks. This feature is especially useful for packaging producers in regulatory environments like pharmaceutical packaging and food and beverage industries.

Transform your packaging factory using a Smart Factory solution

Smart technology like IIot is connecting equipment, machines, people and management to each other in order to exchange data and communicate. Almost every industry is adopting IIoT and smart automation leveraging its benefits. Consider HiFlow MIS for packaging with its MES features. The insights this technology will help you take proactive actions when issues like bottlenecks or scheduling difficulties arise. You will also be able to analyze data to make important decision on manufacturing workflow and address any process or labor difficulties to increase your workforce efficiency.

Is MIS / ERP for packaging and Industry 4.0 worth your wait?

A tech solution is not an instant fix. You can’t take it out of the box and plug it in like a video game… that being said, HiFlow has some of the shortest implementation times in the industry.

HiFlow MIS packaging software is designed for the packaging industry including flex-pack, labels, folding cartons. HiFlow’s team works with a consultative approach – to determine what your needs are first, and how our software can be best suited to them.

Still not convinced?

Your business is unique. We get that. That is why we offer, firstly, a pre-demo chat to see if we are a good fit initially. Next, we schedule a time to take one of your main products and shows how it’s processed through a complete sales cycle from quote to invoice. We demonstrate how the system can track and generate all of your job, including quotes, planning, production, warehousing, accounting, and shipping based on one of your standard orders. Third, we visit your plant, when it’s safe to, to determine needs and how quickly you will achieve an ROI.

Let us show you how an MIS packaging solution can bring your packaging company into the next decade, and beyond.

HiFlow Solutions is a global software development company, headquartered in the US, specializing in the customization and implementation of the HiFlow MIS/MES system, designed with features specifically benefitting packaging, label and flexographic companies. For over 20 years, HiFlow Solutions has helped over 100 packaging, label, and commercial printers through their growing pains and into profitability.