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New Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Supplements for Colds, Flus and other Respiratory Conditions Introduced by DAO Labs

Bounce Back and Breathe Clear are two new formulas making their debut from Minneapolis-based DAO Labs, one of the leading US providers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal formulas designed to help prevent and alleviate symptoms caused by any number of respiratory conditions.

The two formulas have their genesis from efforts of DAO Labs Co-Founder, Dr. Eric Karchmer, Ph.D. MD (China), LAc, in his search for a solution to the needs of his son, Asa. Asa was plagued by infantile spasms, a rare and intractable form of epilepsy. If Asa were to contract a fever or even manifest a few sniffles signaling a cold or flu, he was in danger of seizures. Some 90% of children with infantile spasms are left with profound cognitive impairments and every time Asa had a seizure more brain damage occurred and his chances of overcoming the condition were diminished.

Dr. Karchmer, who did his medical training in the late 1990s at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, had conducted a research project in 2009 in which he collected the oral histories of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 40 elderly practitioners. What he discovered in this effort was that all these practitioners, who had been active in the 1930s and 1940s, concurred that Traditional Chinese Medicine was universally celebrated in China as being superior to Western medicine in addressing all forms of acute, infectious needs at that time. He was surprised at this, because the current teaching was that Traditional Chinese Medicine was best for chronic conditions.

He realized that these practitioners’ wisdom could lead him into finding a solution that would keep his son free from serious repercussions of colds and flus. There were no good conventional, modern (Western) options to provide strength and solutions if a cold or flu were to strike, other than only alleviating symptoms with ibuprofen, Tylenol, Dayquil and other various over-the-counter options until the condition ran its course. Because Asa did not have the luxury of “riding out” these types of situations, Dr. Karchmer’s goal was to prevent them from taking hold in the first place.

He began experimenting with the formulation of solutions that might help Asa, based on what he had learned in his conversations with the elderly practitioners. Dr. Karchmer would develop a formula, store it in his freezer and when the inevitable sniffle appeared, he’d quickly thaw the blend and give it to whichever child in the family was showing initial respiratory symptoms. He went even further; he gave the same formulation prophylactically to everyone else in the family. They all felt better. This standard decoction ultimately became the basis for DAO Labs new Bounce Back herbal formula being introduced.

Bounce Back consists of herbal tablets featuring a proprietary blend drawing on centuries of Chinese herbal scholarship to provide a unique solution to fever, chills, body aches and nasal congestion associated with respiratory conditions. Acupuncturists have long known that the body’s own resilience can drive out these symptoms with specific herbal combinations. DAO Labs has taken these principles a step further in its modern formulation, which includes 12 herbs combined to relieve ailments such as fever, chills, body aches, headaches, nasal congestion and a scratchy sore throat.

Breathe Clear, also formulated in herbal tablets, has been inspired by Zhi Sou San (“Stop Cough Formula”), a popular formula used by doctors of Chinese Herbal Medicine for centuries to relieve coughs, reduce phlegm and soothe throat irritations. Breathe Clear is a classic blend of seven herbs that also strengthens the lungs.

Both formulas are designed to be taken at the onset of symptoms: At the first sign of the sniffles, Bounce Back is the supplement of choice; Breathe Clear is best used at the first tickles of a cough, to increase respiratory strength while helping clear phlegm. The two may be combined and both taken together depending upon the symptoms that are present.

Unique to DAO Labs is an ability to personalize the two for one’s unique situation. According to Chinese herbal medicine theory, no two people are alike, so DAO Labs has developed an easy-to-use online tool that allows the consumer to specifically describe the symptoms that are present so with that knowledge, the experts at DAO can recommend a specific “bundle” to addresses the customer’s unique need. In this way, a customer can mix, match and customize the best solution, order only what is needed and have nothing left over when finished. DAO notes that based on the experience of Dr. Karchmer in developing these formulations, both formulas are designed to be taken at the first signs of symptoms.

All formulas from DAO Labs contain natural herbs sourced from Good Agricultural Practice farms, ensuring all ingredients are grown with sustainable practices. Once harvested, a rigorous testing process is conducted on the ingredients, which are then certified for safety, efficacy, quality and authenticity,

DAO Labs ( was founded in 2017 to bring the power of TCM to seekers of alternative methods of health and healing via an easy-to use e-commerce-based order system for consistency and convenience. The company is committed to bringing TCM to consumers via products that are appropriate for several health concerns including: Immunity Support, the Sleep Series, Digestive Harmony, Women’s Health formulas, and Emotional Balance for stress, in addition to the new Bounce Back and Breathe Clear supplements.

The company is a leader in the US Traditional Chinese Medicine market, a part of the worldwide multi-billion-dollar TCM market, which continues to grow worldwide. DAO Labs provides the ability to access proprietary supplements that have been developed by practitioners of the 2,500-year-old discipline. TCM focuses on the concept of internal imbalance: What causes it, ways to treat it and how correcting it can help individuals live longer, fuller lives. The healing powers of TCM have endured the test of time to become a widely used and highly respected form of medicine in Asia with growing acceptance in the US. Recently Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University College London Hospitals of London have set up specialized departments on alternative forms of medicine with TCM being one of the key areas of focus.

DAO Labs products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information on the company via its website, affiliated DAO Labs websites and social media pages is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Contact: Bev Jedynak, 312-943-1123, 773-350-5793 (cell)

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