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Nordic Inspired Reusable Water Bottles/Stainless Steel Eco Tumblers Launched

Scandi-Store06 has launched a Nordic-inspired line of reusable, scratch-resistant stainless steel water bottles and tumblers that are ideal to take along to the office, the gym, picnic, or wherever a person might want to stay hydrated.

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The launch of the new product line comes at a time when many people looking for ways to become more eco-friendly and help clean up the planet. One way to do that is to move away from single-use bottles to reusable green products.

The planet’s waters and environment are overflowing with trash, especially plastic. In fact, 79% of all plastic ever produced is now in landfills and waterways, and 40% of the plastic produced every year is single-use, like plastic water bottles. Because plastic is such a huge component of the planet’s trash, individuals contribute on a great scale to the pollution, emphasizing the need for Scandi-Stor06’s reusable water bottles and tumblers.

As concern about the amount of trash in the planet’s waters, garbage dumps, and landfills increases, more and more people are choosing to make a difference and reduce their plastic footprint without breaking their budgets. Instead of buying individual plastic bottles of water over and over, they are looking for alternative containers for their drinks.

These affordable Nordic-styled stainless steel water bottles and tumblers give people a chance to reduce their use of plastic with well-designed alternatives for their protein shakes, smoothies, coffee, tea, or even what nature intended for all humans to drink – water.

The contemporary design of these items is inspired by decorative minimalist art and other prints such as messages and floral prints. Their original digitally printed look sets them apart from other water bottles on the market. They are stylish enough to decorate a dining table or coffee table, even when not being used.

Bottles and tumblers are not the only items at Scandi-Store06’s online site. It has a whole line of Nordic-inspired items, including mugs, pillows, tote bags, cell phone cases, pouches, and clothing.

Interested parties can purchase one of the company’s most popular Iceland-inspired bottles at

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