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Audi On The Beat Recognized for Being Featured in XXL Magazine

Maya Audi has today been recognized for being featured in XXL magazine as well as working with numerous rising artists and guiding producers on the path to success. This recognition is, in part, a result of Audi’s work within the music production and marketing arena, specifically her work specifically in helping music producers reach their starting goals, as well a being featured in numerous publications nationally. Audi On The Beat is carving her own path to success.

Audi, a native of Detroit, has been involved with the music production and marketing world for two years, since August 2019, getting her start when she started to research how music was made, as well as beats. Audi On The Beat purchased the necessary software for music production and got right to it. Over time, Audi’s social media platforms grew dramatically and allowed her to develop connections with numerous different people. In response to a question on the driving force behind her success, Audi has explained how it really boiled down to a sincere resolve to become a music production mentor, as well as help those who are just starting out, with every necessary work required to be successful in the music production field.

Reflecting on the recognition Audi is quoted as saying: “To make it in the music world, you always have to have the mindset that you haven’t really made it yet. Then push yourself to strive for whatever it is you’re attempting to achieve”

In a recent one-to-one interview, Audi reminisced on other past achievements, which helped build momentum towards the present day. Notably, one of the proudest was being featured in XXL magazine, 2021 edition. This helped Audi realize she was actually making an impact in the music production field.

In the same interview, Audi stated her intentions for the future. The primary goal for the next 12 months, Audi states, will be developing more connections with artists, producers, and those in the music field in order to help herself and everyone around her reach their full potential. Looking farther ahead, the aim is to become a multi-platinum producer (Who wouldn’t want that!) as well as opening her own music studio one day.

When asked more personally about how they want to be perceived and remembered, Audi said: “I’d like to be perceived as someone who truly wants to see others succeed, and will bring those who have been with me from the start to the top. We’ll all make it in our own way”

Audi closed the interview by sharing her recommendation for anybody who wanted to follow in her footsteps in some fashion, perhaps taking the achievements even further. According to Maya Audi, the key is to simply have good intentions and wish everyone around you the best. But always work harder, not faster.

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