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North Texas Armed Security Services For Schools Following House Bill 3 Announced

As Texas House Bill 3 goes into effect this upcoming September, all schools in the state must maintain armed security officers to protect students on campus – and LoneStar Universal Security’s highly trained security officers are now available for expert protection for K-12 schools.

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With the looming implementation of House Bill 3, each North Texas school must now make a choice of which company to trust to provide armed security. For many schools, the difficulty of this decision is compounded by budgetary constraints. LoneStar Universal Security is a privately-owned, locally-based armed officer provider. Its leadership meets personally with school administration to create customized security plans that take school finances into account.

According to data compiled by U.S. News & World Report, Texas is the state that has suffered from the second most school shootings involving injury since 2012. With 52 such shootings in just over a decade, every Texas school can benefit from LoneStar Universal Security’s armed officers. In addition to stopping active shooters, the company’s expert guards can act as a deterrent that prevents potential shooters from ever carrying out their plans.

The company’s armed security officers are vetted through an extensive process. This includes in-depth interviews, a background check, and an FBI fingerprint check. Once hired, officers receive both classroom and field training from industry leaders. LoneStar Universal Security seeks to stay at the forefront of classroom protection by providing continuing education for its active officers.

The security agency’s officers receive additional training to allow them to respond to more than just violent situations. For example, each of the company’s security officers is trained in CPR, AED, and first aid. This allows LoneStar Universal Security personnel to effectively take action in the event of medical emergencies.

About LoneStar Universal Security

LoneStar Universal Security’s founder is former federal law enforcement officer Ariel Rosa. Mr. Rosa is an NRA-certified master marksman who personally trains each of his company’s new hires in life-saving procedures. He previously taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Mr. Rosa is fluent in both English and Spanish.

A North Texas woman who hired the company said the following regarding her experience with LoneStar Universal Security, “I hired them for my venue in Plano, TX. Communication is prompt. Staff is well-dressed and professional at all times. The onboarding process was seamless. I’m not on-site at all times and it’s important to have a Security Team that will behave the same as if I was present and watching.”

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