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Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter is a Professional Organiser in Warrnambool

Koroit, AUSTRALIA – Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter is a company that is focused on helping clients to maintain an organised space respective of their goals. Clients who wish to move from one place to another or downsize their home can benefit from this service while saving themselves the stress of organising items.

“Hi, I’m Kendall and I own and operate Organised Spaces by Kendall in Warrnambool, Victoria. For the first 15 years of my working career, I worked career, I worked in pharmacies, which I absolutely loved. I enjoyed the ability to provide a one-on-one approach and helping people achieve their goals. From the courses I’ve undertaken, the careers I’ve had and the love I have for organisation, it was from there that Organised Spaces by Kendall began. With my non-judgemental approach, and my respect for all people in any situation, I believe that we can work together on any project – big or small,” said Kendall Barter, owner of Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter.

Kendall’s Professional Organiser Warrnambool service ensures that clients are offered a stress-free and less chaotic life by helping them to organise their belongings perfectly. With help from a professional organiser, clients can enjoy a positive living space experience while celebrating their wins, whether little or big.

Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter offers a wide range of services including organising services for clients who wish to downsize their homes. Clients will get all the assistance needed to downsize to a smaller house, apartment, retirement village, aged care facility, or any kind of facility. As part of the services rendered, clients will enjoy grouping and organisation of their belongings in a stress-free manner, arrangement of essential’s list as the client moves into a new home, one room at a time.

Clients who are clearing their properties can also contact Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter for help. The professional organisers offer assistance with removing unwanted items, selling possessions, and a one-on-one approach to organisation. Clients can expect a respectful, professional, and empathetic approach to decision-making throughout the process. Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter also offers help with decluttering the kitchen space including pantry, cupboards, fridge, and more. Clients who are battling storage solutions in their kitchens can also take advantage of the services rendered by the company.

Those in need of offsite storage solutions, as well as hoarders who are ready to take control of their homes and things in them, can also contact Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter. The company is located at 124 High St, Koroit, Victoria. Reach out via the company’s website to get started.

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Organised Spaces by Kendall Barter
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