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Portland Digital Brand Engagement Immersive Commerce Shopping Platform Launched

TechSparq, online marketing and software development experts based in Portland, Oregon, have launched a new technique for online shopping that alters the way customers connect with stores online. Their new immersive commerce platform focuses on blending traditional elements of brick and mortar stores with the best elements of digital shopping.

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The company’s recently launched immersive commerce technique is focused on improving the customer experience through a blend of cutting-edge digital techniques. Using these techniques they provide the customer with a novel and more enjoyable experience while shopping, which motivates them to spend more time in the virtual stores.

They have found that even a small increase in the amount of time a customer spends shopping can lead to significant increases in sales. By using immersive technology TechSparq creates innovative and interesting shopping experiences that customers wish to return to, and often invite their friends or family to experience with them.

Statistics show that 64% of customers spend more money shopping when in the company of others, as opposed to shopping alone. TechSparq wants to bring that experience into the digital world by allowing customers to have shared immersive experiences in online stores, much as they would have in brick and mortar shops.

TechSparq believes that customers seek an emotional experience when they shop, such as they find when shopping in person with friends or family. Using advanced analysis tools the company helps their clients identify the most loyal customers of their brand, and personalize their shopping experience to create a connection that will continue to bring them back for more.

Digital marketing specialists predict that immersive commerce is the next step in digital sales that will radically change the way people shop. With more of the world shopping online than ever before, it is believed that nearly 80% of sales today are digitally influenced. This makes it more important than ever for companies to make a substantial impact in the digital market.

A spokesperson for the company said, ” We help the world’s most innovative and leading brands turn on what’s next in e-commerce with Sparq commerce. Our no wasted-motion policy means more efficiency and higher profits for our clients.”

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