Potato chips are one of the most well-known reasons for obesity among kids; 4 healthy snacks to sustain child

Child obesity is on an ascent over the world, and the unhealthy lifestyle, particularly dietary habits that a few children follow are at fault as a major factor for it. With the ascent in digital technology, children have stopped playing outdoor games and are following a sedentary lifestyle since childhood. Their dietary habits are likewise truly unhealthy with expanded consumption of processed and high-calorie foods.

A news report in 2015 that discussed the health dangers of childhood obesity and processed foods called packaged, processed chips “the worst thing you can feed your child.” Research led dependent on body mass index and eating habits of almost 4,500 kids over a course of three years demonstrated that kids who eat potato chips tend to gain the most weight. Potato chips are extremely high in energy density and don’t produce a feeling of being full, which prompts all the more eating. Potato chips are commonly consumed as snacks, particularly among kids. Reckless snacking while watching TV or a movie is common, which can cause obesity.

What are some healthy substitutes for potato chips for children?

Fried potato chips are definitely not great with regards to individuals’ kid and his/her health as they are not nutritious, not satisfying, and extremely high in calories. People should attempt to substitute them for healthier snacks for their kids.


Nuts are amazingly nutritious, stringy and healthy. They may likewise help weight loss for children who are overweight. Nuts are a decent snack to carry around, as they can undoubtedly fit in a little box. They are additionally satisfying, which will keep individuals’ child from overeating with the goal that they can control their weight.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese or paneer is an extraordinary method to include protein in individuals’ kid’s eating routine. Dairy is critical for kids in their developing years as the nutrients in dairy items help in the development and quality of the body.


While a great many people consider popcorn junk food, it is really a healthy grain. Ensure people air pop the corn and don’t include unhealthy, fatty toppings to it. Include a little butter and make the ideal snack for movie time, without the calories and health risks of potato chips!


In the event that individuals’ kid has a sweet tooth, he/she would most likely have a most loved fruit they truly like. Most kids like a few or the other fruit, and it makes for a nutritious snack and substitute for unhealthy potato chips for kids.