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Ready For Preschool Indicators – Child Independence/Communication Report Launch

Mamabee LLC, a parenting blog, released a report on how to know when children are ready for preschool. The online resource specializes in a wide range of topics concerning motherhood, parenting, health, lifestyle and more.

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The report from Mamabee aims to inform parents on the specific indicators or behaviors their children may display that tell them they are ready for preschool and the independence, socialization and demands that come with this milestone.

Through her blog, wife and mother of two, Meghna Desraj, is committed to providing helpful information to mothers around the world in the hopes of making their life easier by giving them solutions to life’s daily challenges.

Her blog’s latest report points out that while there is no definite time prescribed for children to start preschool, more often than not, at around 2 to 5 years old, kids will start exhibiting signs that they are ready to venture out and start learning new things in the school setting.

According to the report, when kids start acknowledging other children and expressing their desire to play and socialize with them is an indication that they may be ready to go to school. Preschool will teach them to work and play closely with other children and expose them to different personalities.

Being independent is also another sign. When kids start playing alone without the need for a parent’s help and constant attention, this would indicate that they are ready for preschool’s independent work demands and responsibilities.

Another sign is communication. If a child is able to articulate their wants and feelings through words and are able to stop, listen and understand verbal cues or expressions from other people, then it may be a good time for them to interact with teachers and classmates in school.

The report also states that potty-training would be beneficial when planning to enroll a child in preschool. While there are trained staff to help with diaper changes, being potty-trained will help a lot in fostering a child’s independence and self-awareness.

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