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Real Estate Team Wins Award: Expertise Best Realtors in Ann Arbor

The Arbor Move Team, who have been in the industry for over 40 years and can be seen on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters with Pete Nelson, wants you to know that they are here so if you’re ever considering changing your living space or landscaping needs.

The great news is that we’ve solved all of these problems! We specialize in moving trees without damaging them – even when an entire tree has to be moved from one side of a property line (you guessed it) back across the boundary again. And there won’t any crossing wires damage either because our team will use ropes and pulleys as well as proper equipment like chokers attached at both ends before lifting each load into position.

Middy Matthews is the Realtor of The Arbor Move Team, and has been happy about their recent success. She told us: “Since we’ve received this distinction in Ann Arbor as being one of the best realtors for 2018, I know that it’s because our team really cares.”

Middy Matthews was pleased when she found out her company had won a title among Best Real Estate Agents in Ann Arbor. That award is given to those who are automatic members on Expertise and have scored highest with scores based off reputation points from reviews and ratings coupled with an industry-wide survey conducted by Automatic every year since its inception 10 years ago. Midde said: “I am so proud of my coworkers not only here at the More Group office but out in the streets, working hard to get our clients into houses in this tough market.”

The Team always strives to give their customers the best experience possible and have ranked among some of the top Realtors in Ann Arbor. It’s a huge honor for them to be recognized as one of Michigan’s finest, with quality, service excellence and attention detail that are second-to-none!Persons interested in learning more about The Arbor Move Team @ The More Group and the award can visit the website at

The Arbor Move Team @ The More Group
The Arbor Move Team @ The More Group
2020 Hogback Road
Ann Arbor
United States

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