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Telehealth: A Rapid Trend or a Sustainable Future

Telehealth: A Rapid Trend or a Sustainable Future? What Telemedical Barriers Practices Face and How They Can Manage Them

Join the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants as healthcare consultants and members Adam Middleton, Amanda Waesch, Terry Fletcher, Maxine Lewis, and Kathy Moghadas discuss the rise of Telehealth usage in the field of healthcare, as well as the roadblocks and barriers that providers are facing against its lasting sustainability in their service mix.

To stay profitable during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and industries had to rapidly adapt new technology practices in order to stay profitable. Although Telehealth tools and practices have existed and have been in use since the Vietnam War, the pandemic caused a boom in Telehealth technology usage in the healthcare industry. Individual practices to large hospitals and healthcare networks used the technology to stay in touch with their patients because they had to, but now in 2021, doors are opening and relying on Telehealth is not as necessary as it was in 2020.

However, this experience with Telehealth has opened the door for many healthcare providers to permanently add the technology to their service mix, as in many cases it can make communicating with patients easier regardless of COVID-19.

But this rapid adoption of Telehealth was prompted out of need and has not been without its own barriers that practices now face. From technological barriers to challenges with billing and compliance, to resistance from patients and doctors alike, there is still a long road ahead to the sustainability and the complete adoption of Telehealth in the healthcare field outside of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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