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SafeTheHumanity – Static rewards and automatic liquidity protocol with a unique focus on charity donations

Brezice, Slovenia, 9 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, SafeTheHumanity, a global DeFi protocol with a unique focus on charity donations using governance voting on BSC, is delighted to announce the launch of its private token sale on June 11. The public sale will start soon after, on June 18. 

Participants will get a chance to own the project’s native tokens before the launch, therefore 10% cheaper. Here are details of the upcoming STH token sale!

  • Total sale: $1.175M total raise (gathered token: BNB)
  • Public sale @ 1 BNB = 100,000,000,000 STH | 2600 BNB hard cap
  • Private Sale @ 1 BNB = 115,000,000,000 STH | 500 BNB hard cap
  • Listing @ PancakeSwap (10 % higher listing price)
  • Vesting Schedule: No vesting!
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 STH

Note: Investors can claim their tokens once the presale is finished!

Participants in the public sale stand a chance to earn special bonuses with two simple features. They can get bonuses of up to 12.5 % for buying STH early (first day). 

Early-bird investors can also earn 1 % extra tokens as a referral bonus on each referred user that buys tokens using their referral link! Create a referral link here!

What Does SafeTheHumanity Offer?

SafeTheHumanity introduces a next-generation yield-generating DeFi project that is fully community-oriented. The DeFi platform’s primary objective is to provide help globally through donations while rewarding participants with static rewards. 

Join the upcoming presale for an opportunity to earn lucrative rewards via this pioneering automatic liquidity protocol. You will also get the chance to help a more significant cause via the platform’s unique donation fund feature.

How SafeTheHumanity Works

The protocol utilizes an auto-generating liquidity protocol and static farming to facilitate users to hold STH and also help humanity via a transparent and fair donation system.

The project’s smart contract automatically generates liquidity to create a price floor for the native STH token. It then applies a 1% fee on all transactions to auto-refill the liquidity pool, raising the price floor with each trade on PancakeSwap.  

A further 1 % is applied on all transactions, generating funds that reward users simply for holding STH tokens. This is to say that you don’t need to stake or provide liquidity to earn static rewards with SafeTheHumanity. Every holder will benefit!

An additional 1% of fees taken on each transaction will be used for the foundation, maintenance, and promotion of the project.

Finally, a 1% fee on all transactions goes into a donation pool for charitable organizations picked by the community via governance voting. This fund is geared toward SafeTheHumanity’s objective of creating a better world filled with peace and equality. 

Join the token sale events and grab the opportunity to donate to the charity of your choice collectively and help the project meet its obligation to take care of humanity. 

If you wish to contribute more to the project’s welfare plans, you can do so by donating STH or BNB (max contribution is 100 BNB). 

SaFeTheHumanity’s team will then share their BSC BNB payment address with you. The contribution will be automatically added to the donation fund pool for the next vote.

Note: You will ONLY be contacted by: @safethehuman. Telegram handles that contribute but are not in this group will be refunded immediately!

Why is SafeTheHumanity Different?

SafeTheHumanity’s continuing push to build a charitable and equal future for all is a noble initiative that should stir up the interest of all men of goodwill. 

As a next-generation, community-oriented platform, SafeTheHumanity is well primed to disrupt the DeFi space by combining profitable yield-generating avenues and a life-changing opportunity token.

The protocol’s operations are run by a network of users, making the project secure, autonomous, and fully decentralized. It also deploys a unique token model designed to reward holders while enabling users to donate to humanitarian charities. 

Here are the detailed tokenomics:

  • Burned on launch: 400,000,000,000,000 STH (40.00 %)
  • Fundraise + liquidity: 357,500,000,000,000 STH (35.75 %)
  • Rewards: 42,500,000,000,000 STH (4.25 %)
  • Marketing: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00 %)
  • Foundation: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00 %)

Marketing & foundation tokens vested 5 % over 20 months to show the team’s and project’s long-term dedication. 

SafeTheHumanity Is Fair and Transparent!

Perhaps one of the project’s most vital points is its commitment to champion transparency. To this end, the project code will be checked and audited on release by a reputable company.

Furthermore, the decentralized financial entity confirms and records all transactions on the tamper-proof blockchain to instil trust in the community. This model ensures that no third parties can alter any details or transactions, giving users confidence that the donation system isn’t prone to manipulation. 

SafeTheHumanity has an exciting roadmap with several innovations planned for release. The project’s dedicated team is ready to make flexible changes to help achieve the plans announced in the roadmap. They remain committed to delivering the best results with their strong work ethic and vast experience of over four years. 

More influencers have shown interest in contributing to SafeTheHumanity and will use their experience and skill to spread awareness about the project across the globe.

Details on The Project 

For further details on SafeTheHumanity, please read their whitepaper or visit their official website and social media sites:

Media Contacts –

Luka Volovec

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