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The high-end jewelry & accessories by Tiffany & Co.

Known for its most exclusive jewelry, watches, fragrances, accessories, home accessories, and more, Tiffany & Co. became one of the world’s most appreciated jewelry brands many, many years ago, and is still on the top!

What do you know about this remarkable American brand? Have you ever wondered what makes Tiffany & Co. so iconic and special?

The history, the famous movie, the color that is only associated with the brand, and many other factors. Tiffany’s jewelry became a must have of every elegant and sophisticated person, and the company is one of the world’s most distinguished jewelry brands.

It’s needless to say the products by Tiffany’s are of excellent premium quality – even the Queen of England received them once as a gift from Barack and Michelle Obama for Her Highnesses Diamond Jubilee! Another well-known figure was Mary Todd Lincoln, who received a whole Tiffany set from her husband, Abraham Lincoln.

We actually know what are the other interesting facts that make Tiffany & Co. so extravagant. Keep reading to find out more!

Get to know Tiffany & Co. – most interesting facts

1. We all know the Tiffany Blue

Known as Tiffany Blue, Robin’s egg blue, or forget-me-not blue, the unique blue color is the most associated element with the brand. This impossible to overlook detail makes Tiffany & Co. recognizable everywhere in the world. Receiving Tiffany’s engagement ring in a Tiffany Blue Box has been a dream of every girl since 1886, when Charles Tiffany introduced them to the world.

2. The one and only Tiffany store

Did you know that the first completely air-conditioned building in New York was Tiffany’s store? Since 1940, it’s been standing on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th street in Manhattan, the most flagship location. You surely know the iconic store from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While shooting the scenes inside the store, not less than 40 guards were involved in protecting the precious Tiffany & Co. gems!

3. The luxurious Tiffany lighters

Tiffany & Co. lighters are the perfect idea for a luxurious, elegant gift for various occasions! Currently, you can choose between the two positions offered by Tiffany & Co. – the Elsa Peretti Bean Lighter in Black Laquer, or in Sterling SIlver. Other accessories by Tiffany & Co. are money clips, key rings, leather goods, pens, or sunglasses.

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