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Sharp Shooter Optics Launches Meprolight RDS Pro Low-Light Tactical Optic

A new red dot tactical optic has been launched by Sharp Shooter Optics, the Chicago-based targeting specialist. The Meprolight RDS Pro Red Dot Sight is now available to order and provides a range of benefits for customers.

More information about the product can be found at their website below.

The newly launched product is the latest in the company’s leading-edge collection of a variety of rifle accessories, optical attachments, and targeting options.

Designed with versatility and all-purpose use in mind, the Mepro Tru-Dot RDS Pro Red Dot Sight has LED technology and 2,000 hours of use on a single battery.

A longer-life optical attachment is important regardless of the use case. Whether customers are in the military, frontline responders, or just want the best equipment for a day out on the range, Sharp Shooter Optics can offer a quality solution.

Because the RDS Pro is compatible with magnifiers and night-vision devices, it allows for precise targeting even in low-light or extremely dark conditions.

There are four brightness levels, which means customers can adjust the sight to their ideal requirements. Customers can buy with peace of mind knowing that the product will give them more control on the range or the battlefield.

The tactical optic is both durable and lightweight, with a large display window. Because it’s been created with a view to practicality, there is minimal maintenance needed.

Once the customer has attached their red dot sight, it allows for more precise vision while aiming. The user can keep both eyes open, and focus on the target more easily.

The LED technology within the attachment is safe to use, and allows for quick target acquisition. It ensures a crisp aiming reticle and improves hit probability, even on moving targets.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Sharp Shooter Optics is your first stop shop for quality hunting and tactical optics. Whether you are hunting in the woods of Alaska or patrolling urban streets, we have the optics you need.”

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