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Shrimp Earrings David Yurman

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A little history behind the iconic production of the DY earring | Shrimp Earrings David Yurman

David Yurman is a timeless model of inspiration, innovation and consummate craftsmanship. America’s foremost luxury jewelry and timepiece brand, the company was founded in New York City by David, a sculptor, and his wife Sybil, a painter, and built on a passion for art and design. When they began collaborating with their unique viewpoints on making jewelry, their intention was not to start a business but to make beautifully designed objects to wear.

In 2003, their son, Evan Yurman joined the company. Drawing inspiration from natural textures, antiquities and cutting-edge materials, he has played an integral role in the design direction of the Men’s, Wedding and High Jewelry Collections. Today, Evan collaborates with David and Sybil on every aspect of the business.

Yurman’s venture into jewelry making was largely unintentional. Yurman designed a sculpturally-inspired piece for Sybil who wore it to an art gallery opening. The gallery owner asked to reproduce and sell Yurman’s design. However, Yurman declined, claiming Sybil’s gift was too personal to share and sell commercially. This wasn’t a missed opportunity in Sybil’s mind, however; rather it was proof that there was a ready market interested in Yurman’s designs.

After the couple was married in 1979, the newlyweds launched their namesake brand in 1980. In 1983, Yurman introduced his now-signature piece: the cable bracelet. His double-helix of winding silver ropes with finial ends was a commercial success and spring boarded the David Yurman brand. The Shrimp Earring remains a best-seller today and is a cornerstone motif of the David Yurman aesthetic, frequently incorporated into various new designs.


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