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Small Business Expense Recovery – Credit Card Processing Fee Loss Program Launch

Evolved Profits Partner, a company dedicated to helping businesses uncover lost profits, has recently announced a new limited-time program to aid smaller-sized businesses struggling to recover after the pandemic’s impact. Since 2010 the company has managed to save businesses over $1 billion.

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The new program announced by expert Carlos Julio is designed to help any business that generates $250,000 of annual credit card processing fees or more.

Many businesses are unknowingly overpaying on their merchant account processing. This is likely due to the often confusing 842 different types of fees that result in businesses not knowing exactly what they need to be paying.

Evolved Profits Partner’s team of experts has extensive data from auditing over one million accounts across various types of industries and thus can help businesses analyze what they should be paying.

The company can also find additional savings for the business without requiring them to change their existing merchant processor in over 89% of cases. Their methods offer a no-risk way to reduce expenses, uncover hidden cash flow, and expand the client’s impact. If the client is interested in finding more savings, the firm’s professionals can show them other provider options along with the potential savings.

Evolved Profits Partner has over 20 years of experience and is focused on getting businesses equal or better service levels and product quality without requiring a vendor change.

They will review a minimum of $20 million worth of expenses at no cost and will review any business regardless of how large it is. Clients pay nothing and 5% of their recovered savings go to an impact project or cause of their choosing.

A satisfied client said: “When we hired you and told you under no circumstances were we changing our banking relationship you said, ‘that was fine’. When you reviewed our fees and provided your analysis showing us we were overpaying by $32,000 in the last year, I was flabbergasted. Armed with that data, our bank reduced our fees that provided savings to almost $30,000 per year.”

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