Special Promo for “Stress Less, Sleep Better” by Riad Hechame on January 20th

Riad Hechame’s latest book, entitled “Stress Less, Sleep Better: The Busy Professional’s Guide to Mastering Stress & Achieving Perfect Sleep in Three Weeks,” will be selling at a special one-off 95% discount on January 20th 2022.

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After years of coaching of high achieving executives and athletes, at his facility The Strength & Performance Clinic based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Riad has developed a life changing health and fitness system that is transforming the lives of his clients. His system, easy to implement but holistic in nature, is based on three pillars: Recovery, which includes sleep and stress management, Nutrition, and Resistance Training. In his first book he addresses his first pillar – Recovery.

The book is divided into two parts. The first is dedicated to sleep. Riad believes that insufficient and poor quality sleep is a primary public health epidemic and the trigger for a myriad diseases. He discusses in the book that sleep is a double-edged sword. If sufficient – health and performance parameters are enhanced. This means that it must be of good quality and uninterrupted. If insufficient, both, health and performance, suffers. It also has significant negative impact on the aging process.

In part two Riad presents his approach to stress management. He explains why stress management must involve the source of stress (Emitter) but also the person (Receptor). His approach called “The Emitter/Receptor Approach” discusses ways to strengthen the receptor by increasing stress tolerance and teaching techniques to better cope with stress. On the Emitter side, Riad’s approach first identifies the stress sources then discusses ways to protect the individual from these stressors by increasing control and reducing stress exposure, ultimately eliminating them.

This book provides the reader with a myriad techniques to help achieve better recovery resulting from healthy and high quality sleep in just a few days then facilitates overall stress management in three weeks. Riad successfully created a symbiotic system based on his personal findings and those of his mentors. This is done in combination with the latest research on sleep and stress management.

He uses scientific evidence based on the latest research on human recovery to propel his readers into action. According to the author, “everyone believes they know about the importance of sleep but no one knows the right steps to take, and even if they do, few follow them.” Using these hard research based facts as evidence it will motivate the reader and serve as a call to action.

Riad also offers solutions that assist individuals, particularly top professionals and high achievers with busy schedules, who experience significant stress and lack of sleep, by determining stressors that discourage sleep thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

He also emphasises that more and more professionals are suffering due to the misuse of technology and not being able to establish a work life balance, and doing the wrong type of physical activity. These professionals have increasingly become more vulnerable to inadequate sleep and higher stress loads leading to disease and rapid aging.

According to strength and performance coach Yas Parr, “Great book from one of the health and fitness industry’s up-and-coming stars. Feeling the effects of stress? Under recovery? This book is for you. Riad expertly writes about different types of stress and the strategies to help combat them. This is a fantastic resource that I personally will come back to whenever I feel that my health may be suffering.”

Florida Gators Director of strength and conditioning Preston Green added that “This book will begin to bridge the gap between human performance and sleep recovery, providing extensive insight into the emotional, developmental and longitudinal effects that sleep has on the human body.”

About Riad Hechame:

Riad Hechame is a trusted executive coach, health therapist, and nuclear engineer. He is also a well-known health and performance specialist. He utilised his three pillars principle to achieve peak performance and optimal health. His natural, preventive, and holistic approach enable individuals to improve performance, strength, and health.

For more information about Riad Hechame and his new book, please visit his website at https://www.riadhechame.com

Stress Less Sleep Better is now available on

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0977L2S3Z

and Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0977L2S3Z

The Special discount will be available on January 20th 2022.

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