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St Pete Talk Sheds Some Light On Taxes Paid By Canadian Snowbirds Association

St Pete Talk is a local real estate blog mainly for St Petersburg readers and they will be talking of the taxes that are paid by Canadian Snowbirds association. The snowbirds have a big economic impact on the Florida community as they pay massive taxes for their property holdings.

[Florida] dated May 25th, 2021: St Pete Talk is spearheaded by local real estate agent Tony Smith and he has joined the Canadian snowbirds association with the key aim of educating the members about the kind of economic impact they have on the Floridian economy.

Every year a large number of Canadian snowbirds migrate to the Floridian area and spend tons of money on shopping, restaurants, and more. As per reports, the snowbirds end up remitting taxes amounting to $19 million annually to Pinellas County Florida.

Ever since the 1980s the migration has been going on every year and the St Petersburg economy has become financially dependent on the Canadian snowbirds. Owing to the pandemic, a large number of snowbirds failed to move to Florida and the impact could be felt by and large. Despite that, they still had to pay whopping taxes owing to the property holdings they have.

Tony Smith aims at educating the members of the Canadian snowbirds association about their rights and privileges as far as owning real estate in S Petersburg is concerned. The Canadians hold as much as $1 billion in USD in residential and commercial properties. A lot of them own beachfront condo and therefore the Floridian community relies heavily on the taxes and spending by the Canadian snowbirds.

The real estate tax portfolio by the Canadian snowbirds generate a net sum of $19 million USD and despite the pandemic, the property taxes weren’t waived off. Hence, they ended up paying massive taxes despite the tough times and shutdown of businesses as well. Owing to the massive economic boost that happens because of migrating Canadians every year there are a lot of communities that have become very Canadian friendly.

Tony Smith made it a point to closely observe the details and did a thorough research upon which he concluded that the Canadians snowbirds are an integral part of the St Petersburg community and they rely very heavily on them. So, he urged them to welcome the snowbirds with open heart so that when the pandemic is settled and gone, things can once again resume normally and the snowbirds can again flock back to their places.

The St Pete Talk blog focuses on all these aspects and thorough dissects every details to help the whole community and all the members understand the very details of these concepts. One has to make way for mutual thriving and for everyone to flourish in the society, it is important to co-exist together. For more details, visit

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