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Stainless Steel French Coffee Press – 2021 Double Wall Cafetiere Review Released

A report released by Reviewed has named the SterlingPro Double-Wall Cafetiere Stainless Steel French Press the best stainless steel French press. Reviewed is made up of a team of product testers who rigorously test and provide in-depth reviews on products such as kitchen appliances and tech gadgets.

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The new report, titled “The Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2021”, tested 19 different French press models, brewing 3 separate batches of coffee in each press to determine the top models. Their results were based on factors such as ease of use, durability, safety, how easy it is to clean, and whether there were grounds in the coffee.

Coffee industry research indicates that the single-serve coffee maker market will experience a growth rate of over 7% and French presses have become the most popular model. A French press contains a cylindrical pot, a plunger with a filter screen, and a lid.

In order to make coffee, the user pours hot water over ground coffee in the pot. After letting it sit for a few minutes with the plunger above the water, the user slowly presses the plunger down to allow coffee to be poured without any grounds in it.

The newly released report selected the SterlingPro Double-Wall Cafetiere Stainless Steel French Press as the most effective stainless steel press. The SterlingPro has a double-wall design, allowing it to insulate the hot coffee inside while remaining cool to the touch.

The filter has two screens and a well-fitting seal, preventing grounds from getting in the coffee. It also features a lightweight design, which is easy to clean and is available in both 1-liter and 1.75-liter sizes.

A satisfied user of the SterlingPro said: “This is an amazing and simple coffee press. I have had glass ones in the past with filters that always left plentiful coffee grounds in the cup. This Sterling brand presses and pours nicely and has an easy to clean shape as well. I definitely recommend this French press. It will last a long time.”

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