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Retiree Internet Employment Training – Technology Opportunities Report Launched

Crucial Constructs, an online resource and training agency for business startups, has launched a new report analyzing part-time employment opportunities for retirees.

The new report can be found at:

As an increasing number of people nearing retirement age worry about their financial security, the recently launched report discusses how technology has created new employment prospects for those seeking supplemental income.

According to statistics reported by Investopedia, household income has failed to keep up with inflation rates over the past 20 years. Subsequently, buying power of the dollar is less than what it was in 1998. Indeed, the cost of some items such as cars and houses has increased at a rate that is greater than inflation.

Given the growing pressures on household finances, many are now considering additional employment. While the report from Crucial Constructs focuses on retirees, the positions described are applicable for any age group.

With people at retirement age possessing more experience and knowledge than most others, the first suggestion made by the author is to write an e-book.

As explained, people are always searching for information online. The internet provides a ready-made, global audience of readers for those who have knowledge to share.

A second internet-related suggestion, if writing a whole book is too daunting, is to sell skills and knowledge online. The report points out that several platforms, such as Udemy or KoomCam, allow people to share their knowledge in either a part-time or full-time capacity.

The above outlines two of the 26 employment opportunities explored by Crucial Constructs. Options described include a mix of traditional and technology-based jobs. Readers can access the full report, in addition to a full library of materials, on the above-mentioned website.

The author of the article stated: “Current lifestyle demands that we invest in additional sources of income. Many part-time jobs can make great sources of income. Whether you are a busy professional with an office job, a student working part-time, or a retiree, the above-reviewed jobs have proved to be some of the best sources.”

Interested parties can read the report by visiting:

Crucial Constructs
Crucial Constructs

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