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Stock Photos Small Business Visual Content Marketing Strategy Guide Launched

Biz Styled Stock, a marketing consultancy and visual content provider, has released an updated guide highlighting the importance of stock photography to marketing campaigns. The report includes expert information on using graphics to enhance a brand’s visual strategy and provides in-site links to a stock photo membership.

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According to the company, 69% of advertising professionals say that graphics are crucial to any marketing strategy. Additionally, 56% of brands report the best ROI from advertisements accompanied by images. With the latest guide, Biz Styled Stock helps readers incorporate stock photography into their marketing campaigns.

In this guide, readers will find further information on the importance of visual elements. Biz Styled Stock explains that the consistent use of colors, fonts, and icons creates a specific brand identity. They highlight that consumers often base purchases on their relationships with brands, making a unique identity critical.

Biz Styled Stock will help readers implement stock photos into their digital marketing, advertising and social media, too. First, the consultancy recommends blending stock photos with brand icons and logos. Readers must then pair their visual strategy with complementary marketing techniques like SEO and social media marketing. To this end, Biz Styled Stock suggests selecting photos that are styled for social media platforms and unique to the respective brand. Get the most of styled images while showcasing products or services.

The company also provides a range of high-quality stock photos through a membership. The membership offers a wealth of stock photos to use on websites, blogs, presentations, social media, mainly Instagram and Pinterest. Additionally, clients can search the images by color, size, category, and keywords to find the graphics that match their brand and purpose. Biz Styled Stock’s services are ideal for businesses looking to create an outstanding and simultaneously affordable visual content strategy.

Biz Styled Stock’s chief photographer, Lorraine Pavel, has over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales. With the latest guide, she continues to help clients develop an effective visual marketing strategy through expert education and resources.

“My mission is to create a reliable shortcut when it comes to visual marketing,” Lorraine said. “I want to shrink the time it takes you to craft stunning social media images, blog covers, and campaign visuals.”

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Biz Styled Stock
Biz Styled Stock

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