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Sugar Land TX Senior-Friendly Exercise – Assisted Living Expert Guide Released

The Village at Sugar Land, an assisted living facility located at Sugar Land, Texas released a new guide on various exercises for seniors designed to benefit their overall wellbeing.

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The newly released guide from The Village at Sugar Land informs senior citizens about how keeping a regular workout regimen consisting of simple yet effective exercises can prolong their life, increase their physical strength, prevent injures and maintain good mental health.

According to health professionals, besides maintaining a healthy diet, staying active is essential to continued good health. For seniors, regular physical activity does not only reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, it also reduces the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia by 50%.

While not all exercises may be well-suited for seniors, there are some forms of achievable, low-impact workouts that are safe and effective for them to implement on a regular basis.

The guide lists water aerobics as a widely popular activity for seniors as it provides resistance and strength training while taking the stress off the joints with the help of water buoyancy. This workout is suitable for those suffering from joint pain and arthritis.

Chair yoga is also a suitable option as it allows seniors to sit on a chair, taking the strain off their lower body, while they perform stretches and poses. Yoga is known to improve sleep and lower depression rates in older adults.

For improving mobility and preventing falls, bodyweight and balance exercises are recommended. Easy and simple movements include lying hip bridges, leg raises, tiptoe stands, and heel-toe walking.

The guide endorses walking as one of the best exercises for seniors. This low-impact activity helps with stress relief and is a great way to socialize with friends and family.

According to The Village at Sugar Land’s health care providers, these simple yet effective workouts can substantially improve stability, cardiovascular health, flexibility and increase strength in seniors.

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