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Support Domestic Violence Awareness With The My Victory Dance Challenge

Warriors Mission is a non-profit organization that has launched The My Victory Dance challenge. This challenge has been created to raise money to bring awareness to domestic abuse. Each social media post by the participants may be the inspiration someone needs to find help.

(VEHEMENT MEDIA NETWORK) [Tampa, FL] dated September 27th, 2020: Warriors Mission is a non-profit organization that works vehemently to aid people in need. The company has launched a new challenge known as The My Victory Dance, wherein volunteers can make donations and contributions to bring awareness to domestic abuse. 

October is a national domestic violence month, and thus the organization wants to safeguard the people who have fallen victim to domestic abuse. With the right funding, the organization aims to help men, women, and children build a successful life after the ordeal. The organization will also help domestic violence shelters all across the country get the much-needed resources that can help them support those who are suffering from the peril of domestic abuse and violence. 

One of the key spokesmen of the organization was quoted as saying, “We wanted to come up with an easy challenge that could spread far and wide and more and more people could take part in it. Domestic abuse is one such cause that needs to come to the forefront.”

With this challenge, all one needs to do is post a video of their victory dance on social media and challenge 5 of their friends to do the same in 24 hours or donate $25 to the designated website. This powerful initiate is not only going to help create the proper funding and awareness but can also help in creating a major difference. Join Warriors Mission in raising awareness about domestic violence, one story, one statement, one victory dance at a time. 

Warriors Mission has been the mastermind behind several causes, and it comes as no surprise that they are willing to chip in with the cause of domestic abuse as well. The organization wants its challenge to spread like wildfire on social media as all one needs to do is add one meaningful post that can aid in saving someone’s life.

Those who would like to make a contribution can check the details of the challenge at 

About Warrior Mission

Warrior Mission is a non-profit organization that works round the clock to help people in need. They are passionate about changing lives, helping others, and impacting the world for good.

Contact Person: Jacqueline Lauritsen
Contact Number: 813-550-8999
Address: 2406 State Highway 60 E, Suite 2725, Valrico, FL 33595