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The art of making watches. Imperiale by Chopard – Perfect for the Chopard Imperiale Buyer

Chopard watches are the result of two traditions combined under the banner of one brand – watchmaking and jewelry. Since the 1860s, they have maintained a great level thanks to high production standards, which are one of the pillars of the Chopard company. Watches come in three sizes and have a variety of dial shapes – from round to oval and square to polygonal. There are models of both sports and formal character. While the canons of fashion are constantly changing, each Chopard watch proves itself as a timeless accessory and can be passed from generation to generation. This is due to the details that give the final touch to Swiss timepieces – enchanting them with class and elegance.

With Chopard watches, the price is a reflection of quality. It does not scare the real Chopard Imperiale buyer. There is often only a dozen or several dozen copies on the market – they are intended for an elite clientele and always find their buyers.

The hallmark of Chopard watches is the “floating diamonds” from the Happy Diamonds collection, which move freely inside the dial. These original timepieces are made for free spirits. They look light and neat, and at the same time shimmer beautifully when rays of light fall on them. Chopard’s offer will offer something for everyone, not only for women but also for men.

What Do We Need to Know About the Chopard Imperiale Collection?

For people unfamiliar with the industry, it seems that to create a good watch from a leading watch company, you only need outstanding designers, good structural engineers, capable of transforming the design into a real product of the factory, and well-educated watchmakers. However, the production of watches that stand out and are in the future sought after by potential buyers is not easy at all, even for companies with a long tradition. A little clearer, though only in terms of direction, is when the novelties are too close in the circle of the masterpieces of the micromechanics world. In this part of the industry’s activity, it is known what who can do and in what direction the producers’ offer is developing (obviously resulting from consumer demand).

It is definitely more difficult when the new offer is to include both men’s and women’s watches, not necessarily powered by spring force and … to enjoy the success and recognition of customers. In addition, the scale of difficulties is magnified when the manufacturer’s prestige does not allow for risky experiments.

What Was Chopard Imperiale Buyer Waiting For?

A bit neglected, although existing in her collection for years, the Imperiale line definitely required a new, attractive image. As the Chopard collection includes sports watches in the Mille Miglia, Grand Prix Monaco Historique, and LUC Sport lines, the most outstanding works of micromechanics in the LUC line and unique women’s jewelry timepieces in the Happy Diamonds and Happy Sport collections, the renewed Imperiale had to close in the segment of elegant watches for both women and men.

Chopard’s stylists started working on the task thus defined. Looking at the first effects obtained only on paper, you can be convinced that when creating the vision of new watches, they were in their element.

The new – already actual watch designs, stylistically referring to the previous generation of the Imperiale line, are very, … very exquisite.