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The Best Chopard L’Heure du Diamant Buyer

The blaze of colors and the extraordinary glow of a watch set with precious stones is a feast for all the senses. A jewelry watch combines aesthetics and comfort – it is an original decoration that additionally indicates the time. However, looking at some of the gems, the question arises: is it jewelry or maybe an investment? According to experts, models of famous brands, richly set with diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones can be both.

A combination of watchmaking and jewelry

In the nineteenth century, they were the domain of the aristocracy, in our times these most sophisticated, unique designs are also reserved for a small group. Wealthy customers are looking for original, often unique pieces, and therefore models made in very short series or on special order are a luxury of the highest quality. Individual works of jewelry art combine the best features of two worlds: watchmaking and jewelry making, and their prices can reach even millions of dollars. Swiss manufactories dominate in this area, and their share in the global market is estimated at up to 90%. And it is the Swiss who are recognized as world champions in combining the art of watchmaking with jewelry.

Stones on the shield and ring

The holes in the jewelry are made in such a way that the stone can also absorb light from the bottom. However, in watches such a solution would result in the loss of water resistance, therefore, diamond cut diamonds are most often used to decorate them. This cut ensures that they glow even when light only comes from above. The stones are selected in terms of size and color because in the finished watch they must form a uniform whole.

In the spectacular L’Heure du Diamant watches by Chopard, diamonds are placed on the ring surrounding the dial, made of, for example, a unique opal that shimmers with different colors. On the other hand, in models from the Happy Diamonds and Happy Sport series, such as Happy Oval or Happy Fish, precious stones appear on the dial and ring.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

The experience of the Chopard brand means that it can offer its customers truly luxurious and desirable products. The latest collection of watches for women of this jewelry house is a combination of high-quality jewelry with a perfect mechanism hidden inside.

The eye-catching materials of these gems are 18 kt white gold and diamonds, which have been a woman’s best friend for years. The brand presents 3 models of watches for demanding Chopard L’heure du Diamant buyers who value elegance.

You can choose between a rectangular dial surrounded by diamonds and with a blue satin strap, and a typical evening watch with a rectangular or round dial, set with stones together with the bracelet. Especially the model with a round dial has been decorated with an exquisite design – the special thing here is not only the cutting of stones, but also their arrangement in an intricate, unusual pattern, and it is the most desirable one by every Chopard L’heure du Diamant buyer. Of course, all models will be an amazing decoration for any woman’s wrist.

Prices of watches from the Chopard L’heure du Diamant collection are provided by the brand upon individual inquiry.