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The Best Customized Software For Printing Industry

Custom usually means expensive. Not so when you choose HiFlow Solutions.

One of the significant reasons businesses have postponed looking for new software is cost. Another is that they’ve discovered prepackaged software doesn’t sufficiently fulfill their requirements; implementation is a bear and takes forever. If you are a printer or packaging company looking for affordable,  perfect-fit  custom software for the printing industry, consider HiFlow. 

HiFlow is different. Hiflow employs a  team of highly experienced developers who are additionally fully versed in packaging and print. This team is at your disposal when you buy HiFlow to tailor make a system that is a perfect fit for your needs. In other words, custom, or bespoke, software is developed specifically for an organization to accommodate that organization’s preferences and expectations, built to fit company’s specifications and business needs, and differs from off-the-shelf software.

HiFlow’s core software can be customized to suit your unique requirements. You can start small, with only the core-essentials, and then add features and modules  later. So, initial costs are lowered. 

HiFlow’s record of customer satisfaction is built on more than 20 years of helping our clients expand their businesses throughout the world,integrating with other industry software, automating workflows and giving customized solutions for their customers. HiFlow’s customer base globally is more than 100 packaging, label, flexographic and commercial print companies. 

MIS/MES For Printing: Have High Expectations

HiFlow introduces new criteria for what companies should expect from an MIS (Management Information System) / MES (Manufacturing Execution System):

  • A complete end-to-end system that encompasses estimate to final invoice
  • All your software and applications integrated into one single source of truth
  • Three tier costing :estimated, production and shop floor data for accurate job costing
  • Tracking, traceability and industry compliance feature
  • Accurate reports due to real time data collection; robust reporting features
  • Fast, straightforward estimating that is easy to learn, resulting in fast quote turnarounds
  • Smart automation streamlines operations so tasks are completed faster. Take on more jobs with fewer resources!

Why Have Our Customers Chosen HiFlow?

  • Software that is customizable, from minor tweaks to entire bespoke customization
  • Knowledge of label and packaging industry complexities, supported by many years of international experience working with large & small manufacturers
  • A well developed implementation strategy with teams of highly skilled project supervisors who build clear rules, structures and goals to implement solutions quickly
  • Affordable licensing agreement – customization options tailored to your budget needs
  • Process of identifying strategic needs with consultations via phone, zoom and in-person plant visits that determine needs and provide a comprehensive  ROI analysis

HiFlow: Packaging & Printing Industry Consultants

For over 20 years, HiFlow has helped packaging, label and commercial printers through their growing pains and onto profitability. HiFlow offers consultation on everything from modernization and expansion of your business, to inventory and factory logistics, and scheduling functionality. HiFlow will help you increase efficiency and productivity in all aspects of your workflow and your business.

Wrapping It Up

HiFlow offers some of the best tools to get your company to Industry 4.0 and greater efficiency and profitability. And keep your IT budget on track. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit HiFlow Solutions and get the information, the experts, and the tools required to drive your business into the coming decade. Schedule a consultation today.