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Printing Management Software – cut in half estimating time with easy to use features

HiFlow’s print management software is helping its business and industry partners maximize resources while minimizing waste. The printing and packaging industry is increasingly challenged to provide its customers fast job-to-market, competitive pricing and compliance with regulations. Under this pressure, it’s natural that companies want to improve efficiencies without adding more equipment or staff. This is easily done with printing management software, with comprehensive features for commercial printers.

For businesses, print management software can give you that look down from the 30,0000 ft level–what an MIS/ERP system does best. With the reporting tools and data that a management system supplies, you can see EXACTLY what you need–not only to meet the bar but exceed it, and implement profit increases.

Not only does print management software enable management to see the whole picture of production and business processes, it also ensures that the process is as user-friendly as possible. With HiFlow Solutions, estimating time is cut in half with easy to use features and templates built into the system. Since all information is stored in the central database, there’s no need to search through job file folders or use tedious spreadsheets to get job and costing information.


Buy the whole integrated print management software system or just the module you need. HiFlow will install and make it work with all your existing systems


Integrate any or all modules into your existing structure. Or, let developers write a completely customized print management software system exclusively for your business.

Complex and Powerful

Let HiFlow tackle the tough jobs. The ones you lose sleep over. Same goes for complicated inventory,or multple short runs. The comprehensive print management software handles even the most complex jobs.

Truth driven

Imagine actually watching how your plant runs with our visible workflow. Attack errors and problems AS THEY OCCUR. Be informed about issues with HiFlow’s alerts and messaging system.

Insights galore

Any report you can think of – from sales, production to CSR, equipment, employee perfomance– can be obtained through the analytics module in HiFlow’s print management software.

HiFlow’s consultative approach seeks to understand your commercial print company’s unique set of challenges, problems and needs FIRST. Then, the goal is to build a positive relationship by solving packaging and label industry problems–from modernization and expansion of your business, to inventory and factory logistics, scheduling functionality, to workflow and production issues across your entire organization.  

Transform your packaging plant with smart technology, and get accurate, real time reporting from machines with HiFlow’s Smart Sensors. Compare estimated data with actual production costs–leading to accurate and real time reporting.  Upgrade your plant’s sensor technology, even legacy systems, and get the manufacturing analytics you need.