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Vancouver BC Dental Veneers For Chipped/Cracked Teeth – Dentistry Service Launch

Dr. Kevin Aminzadeh, DDS, MS (Prosthodontics) and Master Clinician, and Dr. Ahmed Ballo, PhD Implantology, MS (Prosthodontics) and ITI scholar, are responding to increased demand for their customized veneer treatments by expanding this area of their specialized practice. ByDesign Dentistry, located on West Broadway in Vancouver, BC, now offers all west side residents who want to improve their smile with the latest in restorative veneer treatments.

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A healthy white smile conveys friendliness, trustworthiness, and professionalism. With the expansion of their comprehensive dentistry services, the team at ByDesign Dentistry now gives Vancouver residents living with chipped, discoloured, or misaligned teeth quicker access to their advanced, customized veneer services.

ByDesign Dentistry was founded on a simple principle: to provide patients experiencing oral pain, a loss of function, or dissatisfaction with their smiles with compassionate care supported by the latest in dental technologies.

Founders Dr. Kevin Aminzadeh and Dr. Ahmed Ballo are two of Vancouver’s most revered and accomplished dental practitioners.

In 2015, Dr. Aminzadeh launched the world’s first prosthodontist-driven implant planning company, focusing on the digital mapping of complex oral rehabilitations. That same year he founded Key Dental Laboratories, a centre for leading edge technological dental treatment solutions.

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Dr. Ballo is a widely published author and science writer and an internationally respected clinician and lecturer. An expert in the implementation of advanced digital technologies for complex implant oral surgeries, Dr. Ballo has been recognized with multiple prestigious awards and honours, including the Dr. Donald Brunette Award in Dentistry, the Dr. S. Wah Leung Award, and the European Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Doctoral Award (EDA).

By partnering to bring their considerable knowledge and award-winning methods to Vancouver, individuals struggling with chipped, cracked, discoloured, or misaligned teeth can now achieve a youthful, healthy smile from two of the best doctors in their industry.

Veneers are a simple, non-surgical process that results in strengthened, stain-resistant, chip-resistant teeth and a perfect smile.

With the expansion of their services to bring the best in dental veneer technology to a wider Vancouver audience, ByDesign Dentistry offers anyone feeling self-conscious about their teeth the simple solutions they need to achieve their desired smile.

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ByDesign Dentistry
ByDesign Dentistry
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