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Alternative Career Paths For Graduates – Job Listings Online Resources Launched

Catch Fire Show has launched its updated online resource website that provides graduates with information on the alternative career paths that are available to them based on their training and skillsets.

More information is available at

The updated resources from Catch Fire Show include informational videos, podcasts, job listings, and real-life profiles of people who have taken alternative career paths and how they adapted their skills.

Finding work after graduation that provides both financial support and is personally rewarding can often be a challenge, especially if the traditional routes of career progression are not appealing to a graduate.

However, the skills and education gained in one area of study can often be transferred to non-traditional roles, which can open up a broader selection of career choices. Catch Fire Show is helping graduates discover the full range of options their education and skillset can provide.

Catch Fire Show’s content offers graduates inspirational success stories from individuals who adapted their skillsets away from their expected career route. The guest profiles detail both the work they do and how they have used their skills in their alternative career path with links to podcasts and further content.

In addition to the guest profiles, Catch Fire Show offers guidance on specific career paths in the areas of creativity, technology, and people-focused roles. Graduates can also find related content and job listings within each area to help them see what options are available for them based on their desired area of focus.

Access to the resources from Catch Fire Show can be found in multiple formats across the internet, including live and on-demand content on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and Twitch. The company also offers an email subscription for graduates wanting more details.

A spokesperson for Catch Fire Show said, “We help people looking for success outside traditional paths. Catch Fire has exclusive content to find your fire and live for it.”

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