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CalmingTrax Neck Pain Relief – Cervical Care/Mobility Traction Device Launched

Calming Days, electro-therapy technology specialists based in Portland, OR, have launched the CalmingTrax Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device. The launch provides customers with an innovative therapy tool designed to relieve pressure and tension in the neck and spine.

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The newly launched device is a unique healing aid from a company who are passionate about delivering innovation in self-administered physical therapy. The CalmingTrax machine represents an affordable alternative to expensive manual traction therapy treatments from physiotherapists.

The modern day reliance on smart phones, tablets and computers has brought with it a host of posture-related conditions. As the head leans forward, more pressure is placed on the neck and spine, causing it to transfer 5 times more weight than in a normal position.

The new device is designed to emulate the same therapy techniques used by chiropractors to decompress the spine and relieve cervical pressure.

The CalmingTrax Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device features advanced engineering for the safety and comfort of users and cutting-edge patented technology. It comes with a built-in digital controller and a multi-layered, silicone pad design to accommodate all head shapes.

Users benefit from a push and pull, air-propelled release mechanism, an electronic pulse massager, external electro-therapy pads and 4 automatic modes for operation.

The device delivers dynamic neck traction, simultaneously providing two different degrees of elevation, creating an expansion between the head and neck to separate vertebrae and reduce pressure on discs.

By improving spine circulation of blood in the spine, more oxygen is transported to the brain, helping to relieve headaches while correcting poor posture and forward head-tilt, reducing insomnia and improving flexibility.

A small generator sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord, reducing tiredness, promoting circulation, improving natural immunity and sleep patterns.

Calming Days are committed to providing innovative tools and devices to help their customers stretch, relax and return the body to its full functionality. The company offer free shipping, a 30 day return policy and dedicated customer support.

A spokesperson says, “Our products are built to last. We aim to provide customers with the relief they need in order to be their best selves.”

With the launch of the CalmingTrax Multi-Functional Cervical Traction Device, Calming Days affirm their reputation as innovators in the field of traction therapy.

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