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Decatur GA Certified Personal Training Coach/Custom Exercise Plan Service Launch

Workout Anytime Decatur, a physical fitness center located in Decatur, Georgia, has updated its personal training service options. The company is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so gym goers can workout whenever is most convenient for them.

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The gym’s newly updated personal training service options offer the personal attention and assistance clients need to achieve their specific physical fitness goals as quickly as possible. Their available packages include one-on-one training, partner training, and small group training with 6 participants or less.

The center offers a wide range of equipment, including strength training machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, Smith machines for squatting, bench press machines, flat and incline benches, and plyometric jump boxes.

Workout Anytime Decatur’s personal training coaches are certified and dedicated to aiding clients to build their muscles and tone up to achieve their desired figures. The coaches will create a workout and nutrition plan that is based on the client’s goals, age, current physical ability, and lifestyle. In addition, they will fully explain how to correctly complete each exercise in order to help them avoid injuries and gain enhanced results from their workouts.

Brand new members will enjoy a no-cost “Success Session” valued at $120 with one of their certified coaches for up to a full hour. Those who decide to sign up for the premium membership will receive a monthly evaluation for their enrollment.

Workout Anytime Decatur provides highly convenient workout services for budget-friendly prices. In addition, clients can take advantage of the center’s “HydroMassage” heated massages. It involves a traveling jet system for a full-body water massage with customizable pressure and an unlimited number of preset programs to choose from.

A satisfied gym member said: “I was able to bring my cholesterol down within a normal range naturally, deposit a ton of my stress at the gym, and become much more flexible. I was a size 8 last fall but would have never admitted it. Now, I am down to a size 4 and proud to show it off as I sport my new clothes.”

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Workout Anytime Decatur
Workout Anytime Decatur

2836 Lavista Rd

United States

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