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ELN Industry set to improve with web-based LIMS software solution

Today, Sapio Sciences spoke about their web-based LIMS software and why labs should switch to using systems that incorporate more new and modern technology. For those who are not currently aware, LIMS is a particular type of software, which is aimed towards and used throughout laboratories in order to accurately flow a laboratories test data and samples throughout the entirety of a lab. The vast majority of modern LIMS solutions provide self-auditing features and an ease of access to historical data through queries.

The benefit of web-based software is that they operate on remote computers and store customer data in databases (which may or may not be located in the same server), making them a highly appealing option.

These files are parsed by a browser and the uses is then provided with this formatted data from the remote computers. With this approach, a stable and active internet connection is all that is needed to access the LIMS software, which reduces the need for local IT desktop support.

In general, LIMS solutions that are web-based are easy to install, maintain, and access, however, as with most LIMS solutions, they will require some training to understand, but due to the nature of the software, the training time is greatly reduced. Exemplar’s SaaS-based LIMS software is built on the best informatics platform in the industry, featuring integrated LIMS, Electronic Lab Notebook, and Scientific Data Management.

With their integrated data warehouse, all data is available cross-system, targeted, searchable, and can be visualized and analyzed. What are the benefits of a web-based LIMS notebook? The days of data silos and costly and frequently failed integration efforts are over.

Click to go through to Sapio Sciences’ website to find out more about its new web-based LIMS software or to simply learn more about the company: for more information.

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