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French Press Stainless Steel Cafetiere Named Among Best Thermos Coffee Products

The SterlingPro Stainless Steel Double-Wall French Press has been named among the Top 10 Best Thermos French Press Coffee products by Mooz.Reviews. It highlights the core features of the product, and what makes it stand out from the other competing options on the market.

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The new announcement comes as SterlingPro has expanded its product range on the Amazon store. Customers are able to buy the critically acclaimed one-liter double-walled large coffee press and create their own fresh coffee at home confident in the products’ reliability.

Readers of the latest Mooz.Reviews report will find that the French press has been praised for its sleek and durable design. This is part of the reason that it’s been selected as one of the best thermos French press coffee products available.

Some of its standout features include the innovative design, which has two screens to prevent coffee grounds from getting in the customer’s mouth. The first screen brushes tightly against the wall, while the second screen is in place to prevent tiny grounds from slipping through.

Customers can use the cafetiere regularly with confidence because they know the unique product will provide them with the same high-quality drink each time.

Another key component to the French press is that the design ensures customers’ drinks stay warmer for longer. The exterior stainless steel wall remains cool to the touch, and there are no plastic parts used at any stage.

SterlingPro explains that they created the cafetiere to ensure it lasts for years. It’s fully scratch-resistant, with an ergonomic handle that’s easy to use. It’s also versatile enough to be used for hot chocolate, tea, cashew milk, and a variety of other drinks.

A recent happy customer said: “It’s difficult to imagine how I could be more pleased with this press. Solidly built, attractive, and superbly functional, I love the fact that I can have a large mug of excellent coffee in the morning and still have enough to fill my thermos and my travel mug. I also like that the screens come apart very easily for cleaning and that I can throw the whole shebang in the dishwasher.”

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